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Angels in a dream

Angels in a dream my Guardian experiences


Angels in a dream my Guardian: a couple of years ago I asked my Angel “Angel, shall we take a picture together?” and I took a selfie with my phone; as I looked at the picture, I had goosebumps, behind me, on the right hand side, I saw a handsome and pleasant face; that event was followed by many attempts to find out his name; he realized that I am obtuse and was ignoring the signs he was sending me, so he decided to come to me in a dream; I had a wonderful dream, first of all I saw the Virgin Mary, she told me “now we have a message for you”, she moved, and behind her was a beautiful male figure, with a warm and sweet voice, smiling and telling me “I am your Guardian Angel, my name is Luca”.


Thank you, God, thank you Mary, thank you Father Pio and all Saints, thank you beloved Angels for everything you do for us.


Angels in a dream my Guardian are the words from Rosy


Angels in a dream my Guardian


Angels in a dream


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