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Angels at home

Angels at home real stories


Angels at home : hello Sara, this is a real story of Angels at home, I am writing to you because this evening something wonderful happened to me; my 3 year old son fell asleep and not long after that he woke back up saying he had had a dream; he started to indicate with his finger to a point in the home, he seemed worried; I asked him if he could see someone, and he said he could, so I reassured him that he was seeing Angels, that they were there to help us, and they did not want to do any harm; after a little while he said that what he saw was dressed in white, had wings and looked like a child; I asked him if this child was telling him anything, or doing something special, meantime my son kept on staring at the same point, and he replied that the child told him to be a good boy, and that he wanted to stay in our home with us.


I am astonished by all this. I am sending you a hug


Angels at home real stories is the experience from Michela


Angels at home


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