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Speaking with the Angels Communicating

Speaking with the Angels Communicating In A Dream


Dear Sara Luce, exactly a week ago I dreamt of a well presented man, he was petting a dog and then he told me “Angels do exist, they are always next to us, but you have to ask for them, have faith and call them”.


The morning after, as I woke up, I was still thinking about the dream I had had, trying to analyze it, then I went to the store and I inadvertently knocked a book off the shelf, it fell on the floor, I went to pick it up and the title of the book was “Invoking Angels”, obviously I ended up buying that book, and this coincidence completely filled me with joy, everyone seems to be making comments about how radiant and serene I look, and that I seem to have a luminous look about me.


A couple of days ago I was talking about this with a friend, and I suddenly had the realization, it was my Angel that had been talking to my in my dream.


When we are preoccupied and we torture ourselves over some problem, we need to ask our Angel to help us, asking for advice, the reply will come by itself when you least expect it.


A warm goodbye to everyone


Speaking with the Angels Communicating In A Dream was the testimonial of Federica


Speaking with the Angels Communicating In A Dream


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