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Angelic Messages The Joy Of A Heart

Angelic Messages The Joy Of A Heart From My Angel


Angelic Messages The Joy Of A Heart : dearest Sara, how are you, it has been a while since I wrote to you, even though I read your website every day. I would like to tell you a couple of nice things; the first is that my sister, who earlier on found herself in a very difficult position for her own well being, has since received a gift from the Sky, I have to explain that I spoke to her about you, and I already wrote to you about her in the past, I prayed her Angel to sustain her, and when she least expected it she received the news that the husband, who had been deported, was going to receive a pension, and so it happened and now she is much more relaxed.


One beautiful thing that happened to me is about the sign from my Angel. The other day, I was in the shopping center where I work. I was walking fast through crowds, to rush to our warehouse to pick up some clothing items I was supposed to display in the shop.


Among so much confusion, I started thinking about the testimonials that I had read on your website, those that tell us about the hearts that the Angels place for those people who ask for a sign as a testimonial of their presence. I told myself, who knows if I too, just for kicks, asked my Angel to let me find one …. I did not even have the time to elaborate this thought in my head that I turned my head to the side, and I saw in front of me a family with a little girl, about 4 years old, who started walking toward me, carefree but determined to come my way …. she was wearing a t-shirt with a big HEART embroidered on it, with another little heart on top of it …. I walked to the warehouse laughing to myself, thinking: this is impossible ….. but it did happen …..


A hug,


Angelic Messages The Joy Of A Heart From My Angel was the testimonial of Adriano


Angelic Messages The Joy Of A Heart From My Angel


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