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How Angels manifest themselves

How Angels manifest themselves Help On The Highway


How Angels manifest themselves : hello sweetest Sara, since my return from my summer vacation I have been reflecting on what happened on the long trip back home, I was not sure whether to write to you or not, but this evening I finally decided to share this experience with you, in my heart I believe there was an Angel intervention, and for this reason I do want to talk to you about it, perhaps with your experience you might be able to tell me if I am mistaken or not in believing it.


Following a series of changes of plans, I found myself making the return journey alone, despite the fact that originally we had planned otherwise. I had to drive 1,100 kilometers, so I decided to leave early in the morning so I would have the entire day ahead of me. On the way down my husband and I had a problem with our car breaking down in the middle of the night, and the experience proved to be unsettling.


So, at 7 in the morning, 1 hour later than I had planned, after having tidied up the house and checked everything, I started the car motor, did the cross sign, a habit I have always had, and asked the “Lord to please accompany me”, I also asked the same of my Guardian Angel and all Angels in general to travel with me, to help me during this trip, to make sure I got home in one piece and to push away from me any kind of dangers.


My little pincer dog sat himself on the seat next to me and my cat was in his basket in the rear seat, and so, slowly slowly, I started covering a lot of kilometers, the destination was getting closer and closer, everything was going well, an uneventful trip so far, even though there was traffic right from the start of the trip. At about one in the afternoon I stopped at a restaurant on the way to grab something to eat and to let my little dog stretch his legs, I filled the car with gas and continued on; soon after that the traffic intensified and started moving more slowly, however I was still happy with the speed with which it was moving, even though I ramped up my concentration, normal traveling speed was something like 120/130 kilometers an hour; at some point the sun was directly in front of me, blinding me, and after several hours of staring at the road driving I felt the need to move my glance sideways, to my right, just for literally one second, and when I returned my gaze in front of me, my car was about to drive on top of the car in front of me.


I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could, but the car was not stopping, the one in front of me seemed to go somehow underneath mine, I felt lost, my thought was for the people in that car, I remember thinking “I don’t want to hurt those passengers”, and all of a sudden I heard a strong voice telling me to “Go right, go to your right” and it seemed like I had totally lost control of my steering wheel, I felt like a force suddenly turning the steering wheel to my right, but even once I got into the center lane there was a car immediately ahead of me, I did not understand anything, I was thinking “And now what do I do?” I heard the same voice screaming at me “Go right, go to the right” and once again a pressure on the steering wheel made my car move over to the right, and this time my car finally stopped across the lane.


At that point, realizing the danger that I had just narrowly avoided, I straightened my car and I continued on with my journey, giving my thanks for the help that had been given to me, I will not deny that an hour later my legs were trembling, but I was happy because I nobody got hurt.


Even now, when I relive those scary moments, they were just a few moments but they seemed like an eternity to me, I feel my heart beating with gratitude in my chest. The thing that made me reflect, in addition to what I told you, is in addition to having cars ahead of me, stopped in a line, I had been keeping a safe distance throughout my trip, also even behind me there cars in the same situation, and so not only I could have crashed against the cars in front of me, but I would have possibly involved the cars behind me too, what with my car swerving frantically from left to right. However, with my great surprise and happiness, thank God nobody got hurt!


Three days later, in the evening, back in my house, I was in bed and I was writing a sudoku, a little habit of mine to help me fall asleep, I thought back one more time about what had happened on the highway, once again I thanked my Guardian Angel, saying “Whoever it was that helped me at that time, to avert a catastrophe”…. and in that moment I felt like a very slight caress on my forearm, very delicately, I turned around to look at my arm, and the hair on that part of the arm was raised and was swaying gently, it was a very strong emotion for me, once again I thanked them and turned off the light, I fell asleep very happy, thinking that someone watches over me, it does not matter who it is, it is still Love.


Thank you


With affection and gratitude,


How Angels manifest themselves Help On The Highway was the testimonial of Rosanna


How Angels manifest themselves Help On The Highway


How Angels manifest themselves


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