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With The Angels Flying Presence

With The Angels Flying Presence Of Love At High Altitude


With The Angels Flying Presence


Hello Sara, this time I will write to you to tell you about something that happened to me a couple of days ago, and that gave me further proof, if we ever need one, that we are never alone.


I will start by explaining that I often play a little game with my Angel, maybe this is a game for me but a nuisance for her, it consists of asking if there is a heart for me.


Without fail, or immediately after that, or soon after, I happen to bump into a heart. I always remain shocked (and with a heart full of joy) and so I ask for another one, and another one, and they keep coming.


This manages to surprise me every time, but what I am about to tell you actually made my jaw drop.


I was on a plane, and after having asked for their help so make sure everything went well, at some point I started to think that, in a close environment, even with 180 other people on board, it must be pretty difficult for my Angel to let me “find” my usual daily heart.


I asked for it, and I immediately started scanning every minimum detail, looking for my heart, knowing that it was a tough request.


I fell asleep for a little while, listening to music, and when I woke up, suddenly, as if something (or someone?) had woken me up, I noticed in front of me a person who was wearing two necklaces that had two hearts as pendants, and even had another one as a bracelet.


I confess my shock, the first thing that I noticed as I woke up were exactly these two objects.


And so, once again, my desire has been granted!


I even double checked in case I did not see very well, to make sure they were truly two hearts.


After a few minutes a girl got up, her t-shirt, would you know, had a design in the shape of a heart.


And so I even had that additional confirmation, because I am completely convinced of the existence of our winged Friends, but I am a stubborn St. Thomas!


Good day


With The Angels Flying Presence Of Love At High Altitude was the testimonial of Marco


With The Angels Flying Presence Of Love At High Altitude


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