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Extra Sensory Experiences ESP

Extra Sensory Experiences ESP Visions And Perceptions


Extra Sensory Experiences ESP : good evening Sara, this evening I want to include something more meaningful for me, I was engaged at the age of 14 years old to a splendid young man who was five years older than me, when I was 16 we got officially engaged with our families, and since we both worked, we started to look for a house to move into once we married, finally, after a long search, we found one in the Trastevere area, it was in terrible conditions, but we had all the time in the world to renovate it and make it livable.


After a few days, I was lying down on the sofa, I could see the house, so dark, gloomy, I was looking for something, I was walking around, I did not even know what it was that I was looking for, in the end I went to the terrace, and there I found a dead man. I immediately ran away, as I was running away I woke up. I spent the rest of my day trying to decipher the meaning of it. Then I talked myself into believing that since the people currently living in our future house were old, that perhaps someone was not going to be feeling well.


Our search for forniture, flooring materials etc … were moving forward, waiting for the house to become free. In the meantime, I was also beginning to take a look at bridal gowns.


One evening I went to  bed, I could not sleep, finally I was able to close my eyes, I saw myself dressed as a bride, with my dad next to me, accompanying me at the entrance of the CATHEDRAL OF SAINT MARY MAJOR Rome Italy. As soon as I walked the threshold of the church, my gown became BLACK, I left my dad and ran towards him, who was running towards the underground corridors of the church. I was running, running, I could not find anything. In the end, I saw a window from an underground corridor and I went toward it. He was lying down, with a white t-shirt and a white bed sheet. He looked at me and said, what are you doing here ... now you will have to understand everything I am going to tell you from now on.


I was speechless, I woke up in a bad mood, but I could not confide with anyone. After about three months, the house finally became free and we started the renovation work inside. One Sunday, we wanted to go skiing and we went to the TERMINILLO resort town. One on top of the mountain, I went down first, he got stuck and dislocated his knee. We returned to ROME and after four days of pain in his whole body, one afternoon he called me and told me that he had been admitted at the hospital NUOVO REGINA MARGHERITA, in Trastevere.


On my way home from work I immediately reached him there, I saw the same underground corridor, same t-shirt and same white sheet, only the words were different .... “I am feeling really sick, call one of our doctors ....”


After two days came the prognosis: a very aggressive case of leukemia. I wanted to die .... it was not possible .... he was a blood and bone marrow donor .... how could something like this happen!!! He was admitted from the Surgeon Mr. Mandelli, to follow the entire program of the therapy. On the 24th of September, as soon as we could, we married, in the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia. Our marriage lasted 18 months.


So, we married on the 24th of September, in one of those rare moments when the leukemia was in remission. As we began living together under the same roof, emotions ran high. I remember very well one evening, we were at my mother’s house, I entered the living room and I was speechless, I saw him completely bald! In reality, he had a healthy mane of hair. He turned around to look at me and with a smile he said “This is how the end will be”. I thought that it meant that the therapy was going to make his hair fall out, and I told myself I did not care about that.


We spent our first and last Christmas together, it looked like everything was going to be all right, he was doing maintenance therapy, until the month of April, then they ended his therapy for good .... REMISSION .... YESSSSS .....


We decided to spend the First of May holiday with our friends, but while we were out on our trip, I could see his face change in color, once home he told me he had a headache.


That night was endless, I was sleeping very lightly, he was telling me that things were not all well, and that he was sure the disease had returned ... but he said all this while still in his sleep.


The following morning, an emergency check up, and they confirmed the return of the disease. They admitted him again and while he was in hospital, at night, he was telling me to be strong because soon he was going to be well, and I was going to be really sick, but that I was not supposed to give up. Between being discharged from hospital and being readmitted again, we took the luxury of two days off just for ourselves ... everything seemed normal, apart from the fact that in my semi-sleep state, I found myself with a mouth full of blood .... I screamed at him with all my strength YOU ARE KILLING ME ......


He was admitted on the 21st of December, I never left his side, but he kept talking to me, this time it was through the delirium of his dangerously high fever ... I told me he was never going to leave me, but that I was going to have to stay close to him, and that I was never allowed to leave him because only I gave him strength.


In the meantime, anorexia had gotten hold of my own body and mind ... I was like a walking ghost.


I tried everything, in the end I decided to go to France, my departure time was 4 in the morning.


Ay 21:00 the phone started to ring even though only I could actually hear it, it rang many times, then someone went to pick it up ... because that time the phone actually did ring .... my brother told me to run to the hospital because he was not going to make it through the night.


I ran, I found him connected to an oxigen mask, as soon as he saw me he removed the mask and told me “Let me go .... I can’t take it anymore”. He embraced me very very hard, and died in my arms. It took a long time to release us. In that instant I felt like I died too ... I had no choice but to keep going.


After two days, I was finally able to rest a little and I saw him .... BEAUTIFUL, smiling, surrounded by smiling children, in a white room, everyone was dressed in white, even the nurse turned around, it was my aunt who had died from his same illness. They told me they were fine. Now it was my turn to keep going. They were there for me.


My story does not end here, but I prefer to share it little by little.


Extra Sensory Experiences ESP Visions And Perceptions was the testimonial of Patrizia


Extra Sensory Experiences ESP Visions And Perceptions


Extra Sensory Experiences ESP


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