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The Imaginary Friend Of Children

The Imaginary Friend Of Children Memory Of An Adult


The Imaginary Friend Of Children : dear Sara Luce, I too had an “imaginary friend” when I was little, I remember very well, even today, how well my friend and I understood each other, I would share toys, happy moments, and when I was scolded by my parents for something I did do, I felt her consoling me and pushing me to apologize to my parents and give them kisses, I remember that I used to respect her a lot, and I adored her whenever I would enter a shop, I would always let her in first.


My mother and my father were worried for me, they asked several doctors the reason for my behavior, for this imaginary friend. The diagnosis was always the same … “She’s a very sensitive girl, and being born with a considerable time gap between her and her siblings, she invented in her imagination a little sister, a friend, her imaginary friend".


Only now that I am an adult and I started to become closer to the Angels, do I realize that what I experienced as a child was real, and now I feel that the contact I had back then is resurfacing once again.


I believe I have always been in contact with Her, but my most clear memories go back to when I was five years old. I even gave her a name, Colindave, and I even made that name into my nickname for my email profile. As an adult I realized that the name of my imaginary friend, in my little girl’s head, was the combination of two names of two women that were very dear to me: my mother’s name was Ermelinda and a cousin of my father, whose name is Ave. I simply added the syllable “Co”.


I want to explain that in my family I have always been very pampered and everyone went out of their way to play with me, since I was the youngest in my family and born after many years of trying, therefore love for me was always plentiful, love with the capital L, my childhood was wonderful. I never saw Colindave but I would feel a very strong physical presence with me, as if there was a little girl that wanted to stay with me, I could sense where she would sit down, where she was at all times, and she never really moved away for more than a few steps from me. We would play with dolls, pretending they were mothers chatting about their children. I would speak with Her and I would hear her questions and I would answer them. We had so much fun.


One day, there was an episode that stood out from the rest. I had left with my mother to go visit a relative who lived far away. My mother and I had to catch a long distance bus. Once at the bus station we waited a little bit, there were a lot of people waiting for the same bus to arrive, and when it was time to get on the bus, I did what I always did, I let Colindale get on the bus first, calmly, ignoring the fact that there was a long line of people behind us, fortunately those people were polite and understanding. I was so happy to introduce my imaginary friend to all new people I met, and she was happy with me, I could sense it, it was like a communication between two minds, there was no need to speak any words to one another, there was like an invisible thread that united us. However, one thing I never understood was why everyone, starting with my parents, always asked me if I could see or hear something, and I would be surprised because I would ask myself, with my simple reasoning, why was I the only one to hear her, and not them? I was almost hurt at this knowledge, because I would have liked to let everyone be a part of it.


I don’t remember exactly when this contact with my imaginary friend terminated, it was like a wonderful dream that one day just stopped. I felt as if a part of me was no longer there, it’s hard to explain it in words. Growing up, I would often think back to my Colindave, I never forgot her, in my own family we would talk about her, when the subject came up. I never really attributed this to the presence of an Angel, also because I had never really given much importance in my heart to the subject of Angels. When I became an adult, I started to think of my experience, it was when I met you, Sara. Yes, it may seem absurd to you, but so it is. Reading your website, I started to really reflect and look back, and I understood many things. It was like a mosaic that recomposed itself in my life. Even the fact that I always liked the idea of writing, not for the glory, but to have the possibility to help those who needed it.


Just like the meeting between you, Rita Mary e Mimma happened, being able to read and write something that is of comfort to those in need. Here it is, it was something that I really had wished for, Sara, and I believe that all this, the rediscovery of my experience as a little girl with a special contact, the contact with the Angels, kindness to live …. everything is linked together and for a little while now I have been feeling those sensations again, many signs, and then it is as if someone wished for a contact. I would love to go back to being a girl to be able to feel that contact again, but some silly fears actually block me. I hope that the dream may return and I hope I will be up to it. If it will ever happen, I will be keeping you informed.


Thank you Sara, a wonderful embrace.


I hope that my experience I just told you may be of help to other children, and more importantly to their parents. My parents understood, after the initial worrying, that it was good to respect what I was experiencing, and I thanked them from my heart when, as an adult, I looked back on my experience.


I embrace you with lots of affection Sara


The Imaginary Friend Of Children Memory Of An Adult was the testimonial of Anna


The Imaginary Friend Of Children Memory Of An Adult


The Imaginary Friend Of Children


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