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Animals Go To Heaven A Sweet Proof

Animals Go To Heaven A Sweet Proof Of The Truth


Animals Go To Paradise A Sweet Proof


Hello Sara, I am sorry to bother you but I have something to tell you because something SWEET, and LOVING happened to me.


On the 5th of January, at about noon, my little furry friend, a little cat that my children and I rescued from the streets 16 years ago, passed away.


When one of my children called me to inform me of her death, I fell into a state of deep sadness, of pain, I turned to my Angel so that He may accompany her to Paradise, and then I told him: Angel, you know how much I love my furry friend, I beg you to ask Jesus and Mary to let me know that she has made it to Heaven, and that she is happy.


The following morning I heard a loud purring sound coming from my bed, even my dog stood up (he was asleep on the floor) and he barked one time, he made a little crying noise, and then started smelling the air. The purring sound stopped when I got up from the bed, but by then I was, and I still am, so happy that all the pain I had inside MELTED away.


Yesterday I told this to my children and I told them: I am happy because our little furry girl is finally well again and she is happy.


I could not have received a nicer gift !!!!!


Thank you Sara for having read my letter, and for letting me steal a few minutes of your time here and there ….


I send you a big hug ….


Animals Go To Paradise A Sweet Proof Of The Truth was the testimonial of Maria Elisabetta


Animals Go To Paradise A Sweet Proof Of The Truth


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