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My Life With The Angels

My Life With The Angels Testimonials Of Experiences Of The Spirit


My Life With The Angels : my Angels, sharing about my experiences of the Spirit, sharing about the Angels from my childhood is like speaking of how I would live and in which social context; ever since I was a little girl I never had an easy life, later on I was going to find out the reason for my mum’s behavior, she was admitted for a time in an institute for the mentally ill, she underwent electro shock with all of its consequences, back then everything was linked to a mental disease, including a simple mental breakdown due to a complete lack of freedom: she grew up having to raise seven brothers, while she actually wanted to go out, being autonomous, but in a small village in the periphery in the south of Italy, at the end of the fifties, this was something that was just inconceivable.


Despite these obstacles, she did marry very young with my dad, who was traveling around the world as a chef on large ships, and he was hardly ever with us: I was born nine months after the wedding, and so I was her safety valve, her anchor for security, her panacea for all her anxieties. In this little world, often miserable and poor, only my grandmother was able to make me feel good, with her sweetness and her patience.


Ever since I was tiny I knew that I was something different, we lived in an unusual house, where there were repeated paranormal activities, and so I started to develop special gifts, such as telepathy, I would receive thoughts from people, and often I knew when I would be asked to turn the stairways light on, or fetch a glass of water way before they even spoke the request.


I had what we commonly refer to as imaginary friends, countless presences that never abandons me, they would speak to me, they would teach me with theological messages, and often I found myself speaking in my dream in languages that I did not know, the stronger the pressure was in my house, the more they would help me keep going; for me all this was normal, seeing people, feeling caresses, until I started to be afraid of it, and then these presences very gradually started to fade, respecting my desire.


The nicest memory I have is one when a beam of light at my feet kept me company all night, in the room there was only a tiny little window high up, and the light certainly was not coming from there; the scariest memory was one evening when I was in my mother’s big bed, and as I opened my eyes I saw the ceiling precipitate down to about a couple of inches from my nose, it was just a moment, but I nearly died from the fright, the unbelievable thing is that years later, when we moved to our new house, back in the eighties, following an earthquake that very ceiling did actually collapse, and we had moved out only a few months earlier.


I think that nothing happens by accident and that celestial help always supports us, young or old, we just need to have an open heart full of faith. At the age of fifty I have returned to be a little girl, here I am telling you about a little magic of love only apparently interrupted, welcome back my Angels, welcome back Love.


Sara Luce, you asked me “you spoke about what we commonly call our imaginary friends, and you spoke about these figures that never left you or would teach you theological messages, did you only perceive them as thoughts in your mind, or did you also see their shapes? And what did they look like? … Can you share some of those events?” and I shall answer Sara:


So, I could feel their presence just like I feel them now, like someone is always next to me, like an energy wave, I can’t explain it very well, it’s like feeling someone touching your head, the shoulders, giving you a kiss on the forehead, it touches your heart and lights up a fire, then often I would do astral traveling where I would meet people, especially an old person with a white beard accompanying me, and would sweetly tell me off, saying that I should not exit if I was not able to go back in, once I got to know, from awake, a beautiful young man, who would smile at me and I just knew his name was Giuseppe, he had died at the age of twenty from a car accident, I never saw Angels with resemblance to children, always adults, in a dream or awake, it was in a state of trance, but it was especially the thoughts that would arrive to me, beautiful, mellow, they would accompany me and would soothe me whenever I thought that it was not fair to live life in an environment without joy, because you see, Sara, what I did not tell you is that whenever my dad was it was a constant argument between them, there was tension and episodes of violence, I repeat, my life was not easy then, but perhaps everything has a price and a compensation.


And now, after so many years, in which I made many mistakes an I had to regain all my emotions and feelings, I learned to forgive and forgive myself and accept everything, and the people I love, regardless of their limits and unawareness, I love the child I was, surreal and very sensitive, it’s the most true and authentic of me and sometimes I take her by the hand and I cuddle her a bit, to give her the caresses and understanding that she wanted, sometimes she comes to give me tenderness, it’s my indomitable spirit that never left me, but I do know that it’s a circle that is beginning to close up to find unity again.


Now I believe I have had more gifts in life than trials, if I consider how much help I received all the time, even if I can not demonstrate it, even if the majority of incarnated spirits ignore this reality, I know that it is like this, and that I just have to thank those who never stopped loving me.


I hope I can help someone through my experience that I shared, with my heart in my sleeve.


My Life With The Angels Testimonials Of Experiences Of The Spirit was the testimonial of Marianna


My Life With The Angels Testimonials Of Experiences Of The Spirit


My Life With The Angels


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