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Speaking With The Angels

Speaking With The Angels An Angel Close To Me At The Station


Speaking With The Angels : hello Sara I would like to tell you my story, in 1984 I was living in the Basilicata region, Italy, with my family. I was engaged, very much in love with a young man who also grew up in Turin, and so life in that little town was not much to our liking, and work was scarce, and so we decided to head back to the North of Italy; he went to live with his brother, and I with my sisters, he left a day before me because he wanted to spend a couple of days with his sister who lives in Naples then the following day I would leave and I would eventually wait for him in Turin.


Once I arrived to Foggia I decided to meet him in Naples, the thought of not seeing him for a few days was driving me crazy, and so, without letting my family know, I went to the ticket counter and changed my ticket with the new destination Naples. I let him know and told him I was leaving at around 9 pm. During the journey I was thinking about my parents, I knew I had done something that my parents would not approve of. I had my two suitcases, rather large ones, and I placed them on top of my seats, the carriage was almost empty, however a controller did arrive, he was at the end of his shift, and despite the many empty seats, he came to sit right there with me.


At the beginning I was slightly annoyed at this, but then, realizing that there was nobody else at all left in the carriage, his presence reassured me a little bit. I understood later that it was one of the usual idiots trying to strike a conversation with girls to chat them up, I was 19 and I was good looking, this was not the first time it had happened to me, but I just could not wait to arrive to Naples and get rid of him.


By the time it was almost midnight, but when I arrived there was nobody there waiting for me, I saw many strange faces around me. I started to be afraid. There were young men telling me obscene comments, who knows what they thought a pretty girl was doing by herself at that time of the night. They were talking in their local slang I did not understand, and I saw a cabin just outside of the station. With my suitcases I approached the cabin, but a car with two guys approached me, and they insisted I got in the car with them, that they would accompany me, I said no, but they insisted rather aggressively. I was afraid for my own safety now, or perhaps they wanted to rob my suitcases with the little money I owned.


At that moment in time a young man arrived and told them something in Neapolitan slang, and they left immediately. He was a nice looking dark man, with two beautiful eyes the color of the sea, I did not understand why he gave me such a feeling of tranquility, he told me this was not the right place for a girl to be by herself. I agreed, I knew he was right. It was as if he was reading my mind and my fears, so much so that when I entered the cabin he told me to calm down, that he would not run away with my suitcases, I almost laughed, because that was exactly what I was thinking in that moment. I spoke with my fiancée, he had misunderstood the arrival time and he immediately set off to pick me up. It was going to be at least half an hour before he would get there, but to me it felt like much longer than that.


I talked with that young man about many things while I waited, it was as if we had known each other a long time, I was mesmerized by his eyes, and by how sweet his face was. My fiancée finally arrived, I kissed him, I turned around to say goodbye to the young man, but I realized he was not there anymore. It was an instant, and he was vanished. I was sure that my jealous boyfriend was going to ask me who that young man seated with me was, but he never asked for anything.


The following day I told him everything that had happened the night before, he told me that when he came to pick me up there was nobody there with me.


Speaking With The Angels An Angel Close To Me At The Station was the testimonial of Savina


Speaking With The Angels An Angel Close To Me At The Station


Speaking With The Angels


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