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Invisible Friend Or Angel

Invisible Friend Or Angel The Memory Of A Young Girl


Invisible Friend Or Angel : my dear Sara Luce, I just read the testimonial of Anna, http://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/3901-the-imaginary-friend-of-children-memory-of-an-adult.html. I too had an invisible friend when I was very small, my friend’s name was Denni, he would show up when I played alone, and he would accompany from home to my school ( I would walk alone to school) he had a sort of a blonde bob and nice round cheeks, he was good, and calm, and he would manage to tame my rambunctious ness.


Well,… yes, I was a tomboy. Always around in my bike… Oh yes! I remember well that Denny would appear every time I climbed on my bike. I never told anyone about Him. But he was my friend. He had his own bike, and together we would roam the streets in our bikes.


One day I decided to climb up and over a wall. Thinking back, it was a rather high wall! Dangerous. I don’t even know how I managed to do it. All I know is that he was already on top of the wall waiting for me, and pulling me up.


What do I regret the most? I don’t remember how long it lasted… when was the last time… that we played together.


What a nice memory you stirred up inside!!! THANK YOU


Invisible Friend Or Angel The Memory Of A Young Girl was the testimonial of Donatella


Invisible Friend Or Angel


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