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Contact With Entities Experiences

Contact With Entities Experiences Of Voices And Protection


Contact With Entities Experiences : hello Sara, I will start by saying that I have always had contact with entities but as I suspect is the case with many people, I did not accept it, I thought there was something wrong with me but the voices were always with me.


One morning I took my car as usual, to go to work. I was running late and so I was driving faster than usual … I almost arrived to the usual T junction on the road when the voice told me “turn left” … but I turned right instead … as I always did …. and so I was driving fast … when suddenly I hit a patch of sand and gravel on the tarmac … one of the tires exploded and I could not control the vehicle … my car rolled over into a field … 6 interminable rolls …. I was gripping the steering wheel, shaking, in tears … when I got out of the car I was completely unhurt … the car was a distant memory … I was safe …


That night, before I fell asleep … I was in an unusual state of calm, despite the day’s events, I relived my accident ... I saw it from outside … I saw the car rolling on to the field … but … all around the car there was something as if to protect it … and to date I am still thanking it!!!


Contact With Entities Experiences Of Voices And Protection was the testimonial of Cristina


Contact With Entities Experiences


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