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Beyond The Life Of Our Pets

Beyond The Life Of Our Pets The Visit From My Dog


Beyond The Life Of Our Pets : dear Sara, would you like another testimonial about the other side, on life after the death of our pets? on the 6th of August, at the age of 16, our dog Axel passed away, the dog that one of my daughters “dumped” on me, and to whom I grew so attached that I considered him a part of our family.


He was practically at my feet all the time, I took with me everywhere, sometimes my other daughter, who grew up practically with him, helped me take care of him. When we would take him outside we would walk in front of a house where there was a little female dog who could not stand Axel, and every time we walked there, before we even got to the house, she would start to bark, and when we walked right in front of their gate she would show us her teeth while continuing to bark furiously.


Well, the day he passed away, as if she knew that he had gone, she suddenly stopped barking at my daughter and me.


There are some days when, in the room next to where my daughter and I are sitting, where some objects seem to fall on the floor, when there is no logic explanation as to why they would even more, in those moments, and only in those moments, if my daughter and I walk past the gate with the little female dog, she reacts in the same way as she did when Axel was walking along with us.


I believe he is up there keeping my husband company, and probably learned how to make objects fall …. Just like he does when he comes to visit us.


Beyond The Life Of Our Pets The Visits From My Dog was the testimonial of Wilma


Beyond The Life Of Our Pets The Visits From My Dog


Beyond The Life Of Our Pets


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