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Signs From The Sky Through The Telephone

Signs From The Sky Through The Telephone Experiences


Even this brief but significant experience refers to the testimonial from Gigliola http://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/3355-paranormal-experiences-in-life-in-the-sky-on-earth-story.html our loved ones have the possibility to give us a sign from the Sky through our cell phone, it’s a sign of Love, “I am here, I am with you, I live and my Love for you lives with you”. This is the message from the Sky. Important words, signs from the Sky, reality of life that continues after life.


A sweet embrace to all of you from Sara Luce, and now let’s hear the testimonial from Nicola:


This sweet story is very similar to that of my mum’s uncle; among them there was a very close bond and they would often communicate by phone. Then one day he passed away.


One night, while my mum was in a state of wake-sleep, she dreamed of my uncle, ho told her that he was well and that now he would no longer be able to communicate with her because my mum would not be able to her him, however, that he was always close to her.


Then, to tell her that what she heard was real and that it was not just a dream, he called the number of the house, the phone rang, mum woke up, she ran to answer it but she could not hear anything, just like my uncle had told her.


Signs From The Sky Through The Telephone Experiences was the testimonial of Nicola


Signs From The Sky Through The Telephone Experiences


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