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Angelic Experiences The Support

Angelic Experiences The Support Of A Guardian Angel


Each one of us has his own wounds, and we all have the opportunity to be helped …. loved …. from our wonderful Angels, who want nothing more than to be of help to us.


I remember once, I could have been in real trouble …. I did not know it at the time that my car was about to break down, I was desperate that afternoon, I was in a road that was not too busy, far away from home …. I kept hearing …. “Go back” …. at the time I did not really know about signs … I had not yet started on my own journey, and so I thought it was my gut feeling that was speaking …. and so I paid attention to it … I did a U-turn and turned around.


After twenty minutes the car stopped working, in a place where there were homes, I found someone who helped me … I do not know how I would have coped with it if I had not listened to that voice …


Sometimes we believe that it is not our Angels that are talking to us, and we are still awaiting a sign from them, however small …. but sometimes we do receive them but we are not able to realize it … everybody is worthy of their endless support …


Angelic Experiences The Support Of A Guardian Angel was told by Jlenia


Angelic Experiences The Support Of A Guardian Angel


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