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My Angel Friends The Experiences

My Angel Friends The Experiences Of A Life


My Angel Friends : dear Sara Luce now I shall tell you my experiences with my Angel friends, I shall explain first that when I was small my imaginary friend was an Angel and that on several occasions he rescued me from dangerous situations, but above all he protected me from malevolent people.


When I was twenty years old I had a frightening experience. I shall tell you briefly that I was not feeling well, I found myself with my boyfriend, we had traveled to a different town to go to a concert. The illness turned out to be more serious than just a passing out. I remember when I lost consciousness. And then, sweetly, I see myself right there, lifeless. I was neither fearful nor scared. Everything happened with calm, gracefully. I felt extremely light as I was rising up like hot air. I then started to feel the fear that my boyfriend was experiencing, he was terrified!!! He did not know what to do, he tried to make me come round, he picked my up by my arm and started looking for a first aid station.


I could see everything but I did not do anything. I heard, I felt his emotions, his terror, his fear, his worry for me. Then the scenery changed. I no longer saw my body, but a strange sensation, that made me curious, even though I did not trust it too much. A tree with dried up branches, dead, ugly … suddenly those branches reach out and try to take me … and with extreme force, as well as fear and panic, I tried to break free!!! To my right there was a strong light, beautiful, positive, and it took on the shape of a person. This person tells me with surprise and with some assertiveness: “You must not be here!” …. he looked like he was putting something on my face … and suddenly I woke back up again! I found myself on a stretched, surrounded by doctors, nurses, all trying to bring me back to life. I went back into my body right away, but they did not even realize. I did not even have the strength to open an eye lid. Only later on I was able to come round. There are other things that happened from that moment on. Really strange things … .I will try to be brief.


As I said this fact really shook me. For a long time after that I was truly in shock. Then I realized what it was telling me, that my terrestrial life was not ending … I had other things to do. This “I had other things to do” is like a record … that I keep hearing …. and to be honest I am a very active person.


For years my curiosity for these experiences brought me to read and seek out similar stories. For the last few years I have been seeing double numbers everywhere …. sometimes I thought I was actually schizophrenic … it was happening way too often!! But no, it was them!! My Angels, they are here, they help me, they constantly tell me that they are here!! I feel very secure, very helped. I ask them everything!!! Even the smallest things, like looking for a parking lot, or making me arrive in time and safely!!! And they deliver!!! I find hearts …. feathers … in pictures very often I find many white/transparent orbs … inexplicable … but inexplicable only to certain people … I do know that it comes from THEM. I feel loved, protected. And I know that it is the same for everyone, you just have to listen carefully.


A kiss to everyone and sorry if I rushed in writing a story that in truth represents my whole life.


My Angel Friends The Experiences Of A Life was told by Donatella


My Angel Friends The Experiences Of A Life


My Angel Friends


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