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Help For Parents Who Lost A Child

Help For Parents Who Lost A Child My Story


Help for Parents Who Lost A Child : yes, of course dear Sara Luce, I would love to tell you about my experience, I can try, I don’t know what I will be able to get out of my heart broken from the pain, I think it is like looking at yourselves inside a dark room, where the memories of a horrible day keep coming up like sharp blades on the skin; seeing your son immobile in a hospital bed, still and lifeless, is the most traumatic and painful event that a parent can experience; you refuse to understand that your son is crossing over that veil that divides life from death, the doctors were talking to me, they were preparing me for what my Fabio was going through, but I was deaf, I kept praying that the Lord would make him wake up from his coma.


Nine days went by very fast, I was disoriented and in disbelief of everything that my family was going through. Every morning, during his coma and after his ascension to the Sky, I kept hoping to wake up from that nightmare, during those moments you just want to escape from yourself, but it is just not possible, nobody can remove that excruciating and constant pain inside the heart, you realize that you have fallen ill from pain.


My son donated his organs, therefore when his Soul left his body we were not there to witness his last breath, but we were at home preparing for his funeral. We were there, alone, my husband and I, discussing how to organize the transportation of the body of our Fabio to the region of Calabria, Italy, and in the entrance corridor, which was semi-lit, I saw for a few seconds a shadow of light, I never could have imagined that my Fabio, so very recently outside of his shell, would come and make himself seen in our home.


The day of the funeral a friend of mine came to the service, and to console my inconsolable desperation, she told me that my Fabio was not dead, that she would put me in touch with a person that could communicate with Souls. My months following his departure to the Sky were spent devouring huge numbers of books that spoke of the communication with your own children, this was giving me the hope that one day I too would be able to communicate with my son; well, that day has arrived, and since the very first messages he has spoken of the Project of God that we had to carry forward; helping the Souls of the Purgatory to ascend to Paradise. Therefore, with every communication, he would give me the names of those who needed praying for, and I would nominate them in the prayers of Saint Gertrude. Then when that soul would finally ascend, the would give me another name, and he would thank me for the help that I gave him; I can not describe the emotion I feel knowing that my Fabio is more alive than I am; however, despite the fact that the Lord has given me this huge gift, many times I still feel dead inside.


Now I would also like to tell you of some episodes that demonstrate how our children are much more alive than ever. After about a month from his death, one evening I went to open the freezer in my kitchen, it was so iced over I could not even open it, without thinking about it too much I emptied the fridge to thaw it out completely. It was already late at night, and soon after that I went to bed; during the night I could hear some noise in the kitchen, I thought it was the ice cracking and falling off, I was a little worried about the ice melting and leaving a big puddle of water in the kitchen, and I fell asleep with this constant worry in my mind, I did not even have the strength to go in the kitchen to check. The following morning I got up, and in complete shock, I did not find a single drop of water, neither on the floor nor inside the freezer compartment, I bent over to check the floor, thinking that I just could not see any water, not even the shadow of ice or water. One day, communicating with my son, I asked him what really happened that night, he told me that the previous night he had seen me very tired and he had asked for help to a friend of his who had died a few years before him, to help him dry up the floor.


They are always present in our life, the first Christmas without my angel was really very difficult for me to face, but with prayer and courage, Christmas Eve eventually did arrive, in the company of my husband and daughter. That afternoon, after having prepared dinner, I sat on the sofa where someone had distractedly left a photo album, I took it in my hand to browse through it, obviously there were pictures of my son too, I felt suddenly gripped by a deep sadness, to the point where I started to cry. I went into the bedroom where my daughter was resting at that time, to dry up my tears, she heard me come in, she told me she was just dreaming of me and my son, embraced in a sea of tears, she woke up and saw me cry, and we truly realized that he had asked his sister for help to comfort me.


I hope that my story might help those parents who have lost a child, and believe that their children do not see us and have simply disappeared, I can assure you that it is not the case, I am getting to know my son even now that he is dead.


A strong embrace


Help For Parents Who Lost A Child My Story was told by Sara




Help for Parents Who Lost A Child My Story


Help for Parents Who Lost A Child


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