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Advice From Angels Stories Of Encounters

Advice From Angels Stories Of Angelic Encounters


Advice From Angels Stories : hello Sara, this morning a young man that we recently met wrote to us, he has some serious survival type problems, somehow he is clinging on to us, meaning to me and my companion Lino, because we would like to help him as much as we can; yesterday something happened to him, he was supposed to go to Rome and had no money for the bus ticket; reluctantly he decided to try and go without buying a ticket and risking getting a fine; that day was very windy where he lived, and in front of him he suddenly found a banknote for 20 Euros, which, strangely, did not fly away like all the rest of the debris on the ground; at that precise moment a lady dressed in white told him “well, aren’t you going to pick it up?” he bent down to pick up the banknote, and when he got back up she had disappeared.


He asked somebody if they had seen the lady dressed in white with the little hat, but nobody had seen her …. He went to Rome, when he returned he promptly crashed into bed and fell asleep immediately; after about an hour he woke up, he had a dream that included some numbers; the following morning he started to work on his computer and when he typed a certain code in, he noticed that the code he just typed was exactly the same numbers that he had just dreamed of. Later on he left to go for a walk, still a little shaken from the recent events, he was out for about half an hour, he had left the computer turned on, but when he returned home his pc was turned off.


He told us “Believe me, I am not making any of this stuff up”, and I will tell you, Sara, that I do believe him because he is a honest young man, even though we have known him for a little time we have had the opportunity to understand what kind of person he is.


I thank you, and I send you a hug,


Advice From Angels Stories Of Angelic Encounters  was told by Iana




Advice From Angels Stories Of Angelic Encounters


Advice From Angels Stories


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