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Where Were We Before We Were Born

Where Were We Before We Were Born My Memories


Hello everybody, hello Sara Luce, I am 36 yeas old, ever since I was very small I was lucky to witness amazing testimonials … I shall tell you one ….


Everything started when I was two years old, one day I insisted with my mum that she took me to “that place”, my mother asked me to explain to her where this place was, and so I started to describe in detail a wooded area, with a small lake, with a gentleman with a young boy were fishing.


My mother was convinced that it was one of my dreams, she did not take it too seriously, but for years I kept asking her to take me there, I would describe even the car (even the color of the interiors of the car) with which my mother and I (my father did not seem to appear in my memory) drove there.


About ten years later, looking at some pictures of my mother when she was much younger, I found one of her where she was in exactly the same place I had been describing all along! I showed her the picture, and she started to cry: in fact, on the back of the picture there was a date (1976), two years before I was even born, and at that time she was driving the exact car that I had described.


My mother was very touched by this, because in that moment she realized that I truly did know that place, mine was most definitely not a dream … and when she connected the dots on all my descriptions, she realized that I had been with her for a long time before I was even born.




Where Were We Before We Were Born My Memories was told by Fulvia




Where Were We Before We Were Born My Memories


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