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Getting In Touch With Our Deceased

Getting In Touch With Our Deceased My Experience


Getting In Touch With Our Deceased : my maternal grandmother passed away when I was 11 years old, she raised me, so for me it was a very hard blow, it was my first time I had to face death; one evening in the summer I was on vacation with my paternal grandmother, I was in bed, I was crying in silence from the recent passing, I was wide awake and was not sleepy at all, when suddenly I felt a hand squeeze my shoulder from behind; I still remember that warmth, I felt all five fingers. I immediately calmed down, I had an intense sensation of serenity.


The following day I thanked my paternal grandmother for putting her hand on my shoulder, but she told me that she had not even entered my bedroom. Then, smiling, she said “It was your maternal grandmother. Don’t get scared, I often see your grandpa who passed away”.


From that day on, I very often had a “dream”, that in reality was not even a dream because while it was happening I knew exactly what I was doing, I knew I was in another dimension: I would go to my maternal grandmother’s house, she would open the door, I would go to hug her, but she would say: “You can’t: I am dead. We can see each other here, but you can not touch me, because in reality my body does not exist”.


Years went by, I had numerous similar episodes with other family members and friends who passed away prematurely, but this morning something amazing happened. I will say that my paternal grandmother passed away almost eight months ago, and before she died I asked her to find the way to make herself seen and heard by me … this morning I was awake, but still in my bed, suddenly I found myself in a white corridor, at the end of which there was a light, and my grandmother was coming toward me. I saw her and I knew (from my other encounters with my other grandma) that perhaps she would not allow me to hug her, but I wanted to try, and so I ran toward her and I squeezed her tight in my arms: I definitely felt her body, her warmth, and her cheek touching mine.


She was there! I started to cry, I asked her “Why did I not see you recently?” and she replied “Because it was dark. The light bulb was burnt” (a classic joke she would say). Still in tears I asked her … “When are you coming back grandma? When??” I looked at her but her gaze was lost in the distance … I tried to rationalize it, and in that moment … she vanished from my arms… she simply disappeared, but she did leave me with a lot of joy mixed with a fantastic melancholy. In addition to the knowledge that she is here with me. When she was alive she would feel the presence of Angels to us, and she told me “Always leave your heart open, don’t be afraid, you too will have this fortune” …


Getting In Touch With Our Deceased My Experience was told by Fulvia




Getting In Touch With Our Deceased My Experience


Getting In Touch With Our Deceased


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