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414 Angel Number meaning symbolism

414 Angel Number meaning symbolism Angelic Messages


414 Angel Number meaning symbolism : some time ago, through a nice testimonial, I shared with you how your Angels can speak to us through numbers, this was the testimonial, http://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/4140-the-messages-from-the-angels-through-numbers.html sometimes we close up around our problems, our tension and our worries, our anxieties, our heartaches, ad so our Guardian Angel can find this way to send us a message.


I was personally curios by the fact various times I would wake up at night and the clock would read 4:14 … it was happening too often to be just a coincidence, and so I started researching on google to find out the meaning of this number; I found it on a page written in English and I translated it, this is what my Angel Samuele wanted to tell my heart:


The Angelic Number 414 is a combination of the attributes and the energy of numbers 4 and 1, with the number 4 appearing twice, thus amplifying and doubling its influence. The number 4 corresponds to patience, practicality and implementation, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, conviction, honesty and integrity, building of solid foundation, diligence and determination to reach successfully one’s objectives.


The number 4 also involves our guide, the passion and the purpose, and the energy of the Archangels. Number 1 encourages you to take steps forward toward your chosen direction, and it reminds you that you are creating your own reality with your thoughts, conviction and actions.


Number one resonates with intuition and inspiration, creativity and new beginnings, autonomy and assertiveness, execution and realization.


The Angelic number 414 is a message that you are a divinely and Angelically guided creature.


Pay attention to your ideas and constant thoughts, and be aware of both your dreams and your day dreams.


The Angels are helping you by aligning your vibration with your life purpose and with your Soul’s mission.


Have faith in being guided along your divine life journey and in being fully supported by the Angels, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.


Heed the Angels’ guidance and start positive actions.


The Angelic number 414 is a message from your Angels that you are looking at new roads so your work may be done in a more effective and efficient manner.


Listen to your intuition on how your Angels are sending positive energy to you and around you, maintain positive and optimistic thoughts, as you begin a new important role or a new adventure.


Your positive energy, intentions and action will manifest the results you look for.


Trust in your Angels as they will deliver to you all that you need.


And so I am treasuring this message, especially the part with the word patience


Thank you, my Love, for your support


414 Angel Number meaning symbolism Angelic Messages was told by Sara Luce




414 Angel Number meaning symbolism Angelic Messages


414 Angel Number meaning symbolism


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