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Giving Means Letting Go Those Whom We Love

Giving Means Letting Go Those Whom We Love


Giving Means : dear Sara Luce, I would like to tell you one episode, among the many that I lived next to a Soul who is getting ready to depart, my sister; she did not want to go, she was fighting with all her strength to gain just one more day, another hour more, because the family strength was so strong that accepting to let go has to be, in my opinion, the most difficult test for all of us, and the Sky comes to the rescue to reassure us, to give peace where there is no peace yet.


One night, I saw her leave her body, her silhouette of white light descended above me, she was asking me for help, this light was calling me in the same fashion with which my sister used to call me when she was a little girl: Anna, Anna …. I could not even breathe, I felt oppressed by a heavy weight, and I had to repeat the name of Jesus three times before everything returned to normality, but I knew that these were her last nights, she was suffering terribly and I understood that to love means to also let go of those whom we love, if this is for their highest good.


And so I stopped asking for a miracle and instead I asked to stop her suffering.


Jesus listened to me, and when the night arrived, the room filled up with the scent of burning incense, and I knew that it was their way of telling me that it was time.


Now I speak about it with calm inside my heart because I know, with certainty, how much love surrounds us, and we are never abandoned to ourselves, Jesus in fact tells us: blessed are those who will believe without seeing …. and for those who are really not able to change position, the testimonials help instill some doubt that, perhaps, our true life is actually much bigger and wonderful than the life we are living here.


Giving Means Letting Go Those Whom We Love was told by Marianna


Giving Means Letting Go Those Whom We Love


Giving Means


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