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A Globe Of Pearly White Light

A Globe Of Pearly White Light And A Wave Of Love


A Globe Of Pearly White Light


Dear Sara, my name is Stefania, I wrote to you about the episode of the heart shapes forming in my vegetables, I am writing to you because I need your opinion, there are so many beautiful things happening to me, I seem to keep being immersed in hearts that accompany me during my days, I pray a lot, I don’t ask for anything, or perhaps, as my husband says, I “ask too much”, I do ask to always have this wonderful angelic contact, without which now I can definitely no longer live.


A few nights ago I was in bed, laying down, I was praying with my eyes closed, even though I was completely awake, and suddenly I “saw” a wonderful globe of very luminous pearly white light, it got close to me very quickly, and then it stopped right in front of me, and I felt surrounded, embraced by a wave of love that could not even be experienced here on earth.


And, just as quickly as it came, it went, leaving me full of joy, of happiness, and all my worrying about my daily life suddenly seemed so irrelevant; I thought I was full of love, I had everything.


The following morning I woke up and I found, in some aluminum paper I had left the night before, a shape of a heart. I felt such a heartfelt joy! I was bursting with happiness. Then last night my daughter, who naturally knows all about this, was talking to me about these hearts … we were at the table, having dinner together, when I noticed a little heart on the water bottle.


Here it is Sara, I told you everything, I embrace you very tight, I always read your posts and I love you, even if we do not know each other!


A Globe Of Pearly White Light And A Wave Of Love was told by Stefania


A Globe Of Pearly White Light And A Wave Of Love


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