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Prayers to the little Madonna her answer

Prayers to the little Madonna her answer


Prayers to the little Madonna : dear Sara, when I received your answer and confirmation of publication I was so happy that I immediately ran to my husband to show him your email; you know, I have involved him too with my passion for your website, and so he often asks me what is new.


When I told him you were going to publish our experience he asked me if by any chance I had also shared with you what happened to me on the 31st of May 2011, and thinking about it, I wonder why I did not even think of it, since it was yet another unforgettable experience for me.


You have to know, dear Sara, that day was one of the worst days in my life, because I had to undergo a drastic surgery procedure: removing my left breast due to a nasty cancer growth.


That morning, I was in the hospital room, waiting for them to come and pick me up to take me to the operating room, I was very nervous, as you can imagine. My husband was close to me and tried to give me courage, I just kept getting in and out of my bed from the nerves.


They had just admitted me that very same morning, so I was not very familiar with that hospital.


At one point, I started to pray fervently to the little Madonna, telling her: “I beg you Madonnina, let me see that you are close to me!”. In the meantime, I looked out of the window, and as I looked down on to the garden (I was on the second floor) suddenly, I saw a statue of the Madonna, as if it was telling me, “here I am, can’t you see that I am close to you?”


What joy! The little Madonna answered my prayers by showing up! I asked a nurse some information about that little Madonna in the garden, she told me that many years ago that branch of the clinic used to be the actual convent of the main hospital, and she added “Look, even in the back of our ward, in the garden, there is a grotto with the Madonna of Lourdes, where all patients go to pray and bring flowers!”


You know what is extraordinary? That, inexplicably, I had insisted on being operated in that clinic, despite the fact that I did not know it at all, and despite the fact that my sister, who months earlier had already undergone surgery for the very same issue, had been trying to convince me to go and have the procedure done where she had had it, where she was very happy with the service.


Naturally, everything went very well for me too, despite the inevitable removal of the mammary, and the subsequent heavy chemotherapy sessions which I had to endure, today, today I can thank the little Madonna because I am certain that she helped me, and I am sure that she will help me again, even this month, when I will have to go to the usual check up visits.


A very big kiss


Prayers to the little Madonna her answer was told by Rosalba




Prayers to the little Madonna her answer


Prayers to the little Madonna


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