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The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro

The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro experiences


The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro : good evening Sara Luce, I am a 56 years old woman, yesterday I discovered your website and I immediately fell in love with it, I am writing to you to say that I too believe in Guardian Angels and that anyone can get in touch with them; last September I was going to the isle of Ischia, in the town of Zaro, Italy, to be precise, where the clairvoyants Angela and Simona regularly see visits from the Madonna; when I was there, at the very moment of the apparition, I saw a friend of mine kneeling down, I could not do the same because of my knee problems, in that precise moment I felt a moment of envy (in a good way), I remember thinking in my heart “my little Madonna, how I would love to be able to kneel down for you!”.


After the event we awaited the Blessing from the Priest, then we all returned toward the ferry to take us back home, I don’t know, but during the apparition, the Madonna gave both me and my son the gift of tears, you know …. we ended up crying for three hours, they were special tears that came out of our eyes spontaneously, and they brought us relief and love.


The following morning, my son and I took the train to go back home, towards Terni, but due to so many strange circumstances, starting from the fact that there was no way for us to buy the tickets, not even at the automatic machine, I saw a young man walking toward us, all boisterous, he was in his forties, the classic tourist, jeans and unbuttoned shirt, long curly, dark blonde hair, walking with a trolley, he was walking in a funny way (I thought, where does he hide his wings to walk like that?) … and so ... he got closer to us, said hello, and was looking at me in a wonderful way, as if he knew me, he told us that he could help us, that he always takes the very same train journey, so he took us to buy the tickets; we approached the underpass, we arrived at our platform, I turned around, looking at him, he said that we were going to be taking the same train for a portion of the journey, so he introduced himself “My name is Raphael Spagnolo”, and I replied “Nice to meet you, my name is Mafalda, and my son here is Riccardo”.


We started chatting a little bit, as I looked at him a little better, I asked him why his eyelashes on the left eye were white, he told me “oh, it’s nothing, genetics” and so I told him “Today you are our Guardian Angel”, and he replied “Yes!”, and then I remembered “


Tomorrow is even Angels’ day!” to which he belted our an extraordinary laugh, I can’t quite explain how, Sara, but I knew he was an Angel.


Once we got on the train, we went as far as Latina, where we had to change trains, we got off the train, and, after having tortured me for the entire trip with questions, glances, trick questions, he pointed out his broken trolley, which had been repaired with some clear packing tape, and he commented on how he felt out of place because his beat up trolley stood out against all the expensive brand suitcases around us! and so I told him “What do you care about the suitcase, you see, I travel with my mother in law’s bag, the important thing is that it does its job!”


We took the last train to return home, I took out some water and cookies, and some pastries, because that day we had not even had breakfast; he was still looking at us, and so I offered him some food, he did not want to accept it, and so I started to put the food away, to which point he said “Are you really not going to eat that?” and I replied “No, why, would you like it?” and he immediately took the food, then I gave him a little bottle of water, that’s when I noticed that he did not know how to drink, so I told him “You can keep it, I have others”.


Once I put everything back in the bag, I told my son “Will you let me stretch my legs please? My knees hurt” and that’s when Raphael said “What, you have pain?” he asked “Can I touch? I am an energy healer” I started laughing, he said “I can make pain go away” and so, just to avoid offending him, I said “All right”.


He placed three fingers on my knee, and a hand on my forehead, and then, after a few minutes of concentration, he took his hands off and said “Done” in the meantime my son and I were looking at each other, but I did feel something strange, then I looked at him, and without really thinking about it, I blurted out “since you are doing this, can you take care of the other knee too?” he looked at me, and then, as if he was waiting for a reply, he worked on the other knee too, than it all ended. He had become all red, I was almost afraid; to cut a story short, we arrived to Rome, we all descended, he said goodbye to my son and then me, but he kept saying goodbye to me, as if he did not want to leave me, then he said to my son “We will keep in touch anyway” (he is still waiting to receive his email) in any case, we went to the station, and there is a long way to walk to catch the other train, we started walking fast in order not to miss our train, at which point my son said “Mum, slow down, your legs hurt” and I turned around and said “Let’s go, I am fine”.


We got on the train, and Riccardo asked me “What did he do to you? You walk very well”, I replied “I don’t know, I have to thank him, because after so many years I am able to walk well again”; we got back home, and to get to my bedroom I have to go up a few stairs … I did it almost running, my husband watched the whole scene and said “The Angel you met indeed cured you!” I went to bed, and for the first time in a long while I was able to sleep with my legs stretched out, instead of all curled up. The following morning, I started researching the names of Angels on Internet, and I found Raphael, Medicine of God.


Here, this is my meeting with my Angel, my life, however, has had many experiences in the past, such as OBE, visions of souls, etc. … but I never told anything to anybody, I don’t want to be locked up in a mental institution because nobody would have believed me.


Thank you


The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro was told by Mafalda



The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro experiences


The apparition of the Madonna in Zaro


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