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Children’s imaginary friends are Angels

Children’s imaginary friends are Angels


Children’s imaginary friends are Angels


Dear Sara Luce, Angels have been accompanying me all my life … ever since I was about 4 years old I would play with them in my house … for me they were just children like me. My mother sensed that there were really other children in the house, in fact she would often check the other rooms, inside wardrobes and behind doors, to try and understand.


I really believe that the famous imaginary friends are the Angels for children. We see them until we are about 3 or 4 years old, because after that we become distracted and malicious … and so usually the contact fades away, especially when they start frequenting other children, when they join kindergarten, for example.


When I was 8 years old I was saved by my Angel … I was about to be run over by a train coming from a station. I will always remember what happened, but I interpreted it as a bad dream because it was too surreal to be true. I had a scar on my leg until I was 20 years old remained there to remind me … to make me understand …. in fact when I remembered and understood the actual scar, which had been there for 20 years, disappeared completely, one day from the next … the following day as I woke up I had my very first conscious contact with my Angel.


My dear Sara, it is so nice to know that other people have also understood that those are not imaginary friends, but one of our own Angels, I do not know if I saw them as children or adults, I don’t remember their physical characteristics, but for me at that time there was no difference anyway. And now I still have contact with my Angels.




Children’s imaginary friends are Angels was told by Valeria




Children’s imaginary friends are Angels


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