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Angels In Human Resemblance Stories

Angels In Human Resemblance Stories


Angels In Human Resemblance : dear Sara Luce my experience with the Angels was a wonderful things and it continues on today, I have next to me an Angel, I sought him during very dark moments, he helped me overcome them; I had three deaths in my family, within three years; my Angel is always close to me, he helps me every day, he is a little playful and I thank him for it.


These Angels that give me light and love sometimes look like human beings.


I was in hospital for a check-up because I had some problems with my head, I will never forget that sad day, but at the same time a very special day!!! From that day on my life changed.


I was alone with my thoughts, waiting for the neurologist, my husband was recovering from a serious accident. In the distance I saw a beautiful blonde woman who was waving at me, I returned the hello, the lady hugged me and told me “Why are you here?” and I told her my problem with my head, that I was worried about the prognosis, I had an aneurysm, in any case she told me “I think I know you”, to which I replied that I too seemed to remember her, and so she sat down with me, as she told me “I will keep you company, is that all right?”, “Of course”, I replied, and she took my hand.


I felt a little strange, I wondered what this lady wanted from me … but the strange thing is that I was speaking to this lady but people around me were staring at me because they did not see anybody next to me.


And so the time to go in arrived, and she told me “Come on, let’s go” … and in that moment I realized that I had next to me what I call a “presence”. I was afraid of a bad prognosis, I was agitated, as I lay down on the bed she took my hand and said “Goodbye, I have an important appointment”, to which I responded “Thank you for the company” … the doctor checked my test results, looked at me, and asked me “Are you all right madam?” To which I replied “Yes, doctor”, and he told me “You know, I heard you talking, but I did not see anyone coming in with you”.


Everything ended splendidly, the problem with my head cleared up, I no longer needed any surgery; I thought a lot about that lady, she was an Angel that accompanied me in a tough moment of my life, my Guardian Angel that took my by the hand and delivered me from my suffering.


Here is the story of my wonderful miracle.


Angels In Human Resemblance Stories was told by Assunta




Angels In Human Resemblance Stories


Angels In Human Resemblance


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