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Overcoming fears of death

Overcoming fears of death and surrendering to love


Overcoming fears of death : dear Sara and everyone, I was very close to my maternal grandmother, I was as close to her as possible during the last months of her life on earth, I spent hours to make her eat something, she was in a confused state, sometimes she was angry at everyone, sometimes she was speaking with her ancestors, sometimes she would fall into a strange sleep and I knew that they were preparing her to go, but she wanted to live, to have all her children next to her, and in the few moments of lucidity she would apologize, explaining that it was not her that was speaking, it was her medication that made her that way.


Then I took the rosary we had blessed in San Giovanni Rotondo, and I put it in her hands, I would wisper for her to let go, not to be afraid, on the last day we were there I helped her till 14:00, it was a Sunday, and then we decided we had to go back home, we had exhausted our vacation days and we had been driving 300 kilometers each day to go back and stay with her.


As soon as we reached home, we received a phone call that her situation had turned for the worse. And so we got back in the car, speeding on the highway, but we did not make it by a few minutes, she was able to say goodbye to everyone, her mind was very sharp right up to the end, before leaving; and I, who loved her immensely, was not there.


I cant’ tell you the pain I suffered in the following months, everyone was dreaming of her, but not me. Then one night it did happen, and this dream is still so very clear in my mind even after nine years. I had her in my arms, we were on a little boat, we were crossing over a river, she was completely dependent on me like a little girl, just like during the last moments before her passing.


And that’s how I learned that not having seen her one last time was not all that important, I helped her cross over, overcome her fears and surrender to Love. It was her way of thanking me, of recognizing me as the person who helped her with her rebirth. She had held me in arms ever since I was little, and I held her in my arms when it was her who needed me, is there a better way to tell me I Love You?


When we will see each other, it will be like we never left each other’s side.


Overcoming fears of death and surrendering to love was told by Marianna




Overcoming fears of death and surrendering to love


Overcoming fears of death


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