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Illness and the help from Angels

Illness and the help from Angels with coincidences


Illness and the help from Angels : hello Sara, here I am once again to witness the help from Angels; we would be happy if you could publish this; it was late one morning in 2014, beginning of May. Andrea, my husband, was ever more nervous and tired; he had a strong headache that did not let up, and even changed his look; it had been months and months like that, I attributed his problem to not having fully recovered yet from surgery after tearing up his left knee tendon; for this reason, I let it go and did not give too much weight to his altered mood, his disinterest toward me and the children.


During these months I kept thinking of our children, Paolo and Giulia, who my husband and I both absolutely adore. They are wonderful children, beautiful, blonde, but also very sweet, sensitive and mature for their age. The constant thought is that nothing may ever happen to them, I would rather something happened to me than them. On the other hand, isn’t this what every parent thinks?


In the meantime the thought insidiously found a way to my mind “and what if something happened not to me, but to dad?”. With the spring months, our life seemed a little suspended, me running up and down doing chores and running errands, then the children, the school, sports commitments, paying bills, etc … while Andrea seemed in a limbo. He woul come home from work, throw himself on the sofa, with his headache that did not seem to let go.


The first serious alarm bell came mid May, when Andrea drove to Milan to watch a basketball game, the ticket was a gift from me. During the trip there he had a bout of sleep, lost control and the left hand side of the car ended up touching the guard rail. Luckily he woke up right away and regained control of the car. Andrea blamed immediately the incident with the headache. The following day he immediately went to the doctor, who minimized the headache and suspected a simple cervical pain.


A few days went by, Friday morning a coworker and I went out for a cup of coffee, and as I was describing to her my husband’s problem, she said “why don’t you bring him to the CT Emergency Room?” The CT Emergency Room is the trauma center in Turin. Right at that moment I realized that this is what we had to do, why did I not think of it before! I managed to convince Andrea to go with me. We were there by midday.


By coincidence, in the hospital parking lot we bumped into the surgeon who had operated on his knee, and he asked surprised “What are you doing here?”


Andrea replied: “I am very sick, I have a very nasty headache that does not seem to go away”. The surgeon suggested “Come with me, if you go up there alone they will probably assign you a code white and send you back home with an anti inflammatory pill or something like that”. Even though he had urgent things to do, he decided to spend 10 minutes for us, then he went back to the Emergency Room, where he had just finished his shift, and told the operators to make sure I am visited by the neuro surgeon.


A few hours later, after a CAT scan, they diagnosed hydrocephalosis, deriving from a tumor “a blastoma of the bone marrow”, it’s a condition sadly very frequent with children, but extremely rare in adults. Untreated, he would have had at most one or two weeks to live.


A very young and very talented surgeon operated on him the following Wednesday.


The procedure was a success, Andrea is safe, he will have to do some therapies but he no longer suffers from those headaches and he has returned to being the kind and thoughtful husband and father that he had always been.


We are sure that our Angels intervened, particularly his mother and his father brought us, through a series of coincidences, to that hospital, where the very talented surgeon saved his life …. every time we meet him, he seems like an Angel to us, an Angel descended on earth.


The following month we went to a check up visit with the oncologists, the news were not that great “It appears that the illness has descended at spinal chord level”, we left the place feeling downcast, and guess what we saw? The very car that Andrea’s father gifted to him some 18 years earlier, and that fifteen years earlier Andrea had sold and not seen again …. our Angels wanted to send us once again a message … “Don’t worry, we are here with you, always with you and for you”.


A hug,


Illness and the help from Angels with coincidences was the story of Silvana




Illness and the help from Angels with coincidences


Illness and the help from Angels


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