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The generosity of the Sky

The generosity of the Sky Love that calls Love


The generosity of the Sky : dear Sara, I feel the desire to share with you the gifts that I received by the Angels ever since I started evoking them with faith; as you know, thanks to you, I have recently started getting in touch with them, however right from the start my Angel “showed up” and ever since then, on a daily basis, I feel his presence, even with tangible signs.


You have no idea how much comfort it gave me, in the moments of desperation, when I thought I had lost forever the love of my life, and, every time Marco would return to me, at least one if not more Angelic signs would alert me of his return.


Well, it happened again last time, in a way that I have to share with you, to share the joy I have been feeling since that day.


I was in the library, looking for a book that talked about Angels, I bumped into a book from Doreen Virtue; one day when I was particularly depressed following the umpteenth flight from Marco who could not overcome the detachment from that poisonous relationshiop, but instead he seemed to depend on it like a drug addict, I happened to read a message that Archangel Uriel dictated to Doreen …. as I read it I became emotional because the description that Uriel gave of his special gifts was exactly what Marco needed. From that moment, I started to invoke not only my Angel but also Marco’s Angel, not only all “unemployed” Angels, not only my dad and all the Saints that have accompanied my childhood and my upbringing, but especially the Archangel Uriel; I told him “Archangel Uriel, what is in your power is exactly what Marco needs, please inspire healing in him, fade away his anger, infuse wisdom, give him strength and in particular place your light within him, the visual change that he needs is something that can indeed happen, and even take place in one day, one hour, a minute. Help him turn the page”


I would keep invoking him daily, and very often I would receive messages through numbers, especially during the days before the “final” return of Marco … the number 22 was “chasing me” … the night before Marco’s return, I was catching a train with my daughter, we were looking for a free bench, and the only one left was all the way to the end of the platform, as soon as we did reach the bench, the pole next to her had a number 22 on it, and it was the one and only pole that even had a number on it … this sign really fueled my hope, even though I had no news of Marco, and even the morning of the following day, when I was hoping to hear from him, I saw nothing … I was desperate, with an excuse I went to the bathroom and I cried, a lot.


At two in the afternoon Marco wrote to me, and told me that over the last 24 hours he had had some kind of “awakening”, a radical change of direction, the awareness of wanting to end completely the poisonous chapter of his married life and that he felt like telling me that he loved me like never before, and many other beautiful things that he felt were rushing up from his heart, then he started to talk about the future for us, with optimism, and today, 10 days from that fated day, I can tell you that the change is truly unbelievable.


He went back to being the Marco of years before, the one that I fell in love with, and the one that loves me without any more shadows. His family situation is still critical, his separation very difficult, however he is able to not let anger get the best of him, especially when he is with me, he is able to crack a joke even soon after receiving “irritating” news (until not long ago this would have been unheard of)


I think it is not necessary to comment any further, my words (albeit many) are not even enough to give an idea of the kind of gift I have received by my Angels and how they managed to show me, once again, that the coincidences that they place on my journey that brought me to this great love are like wonderful rose petals, guiding me toward a destiny of joy, of love.


This is the testimonial I wanted to give you, and, with a smile on my lips and joy in my heart, I send you a tight hug, wrapping you up like how I feel around me when I invoke my Angels.


The generosity of the Sky Love that calls Love was the testimonial of Paoletta




The generosity of the Sky Love that calls Love


The generosity of the Sky


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