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What happens during the state of coma

What happens during the state of coma a Soul’s experience


Many of us have wondered: while a person or a child is in a coma, do they hear what we say? Do they feel the caresses, the attentions? Is there awareness with coma? Is there a level of awareness with coma? What does the Soul experiment during coma?


Are they already a Soul, or are they still inside the physical body … and thousands and thousands of other questions that we asked ourselves on what people experience while they are in a coma.


The Sky has taught us with its Messages to Humanity that, even in a state of coma, the Soul does experiment, it learns through all the emotions that we express as we assist them, us, the doctors, the nurses, those feelings become experiences. They also taught us that the Soul also abandons the physical body during some stage of the coma, and begins to live its life as pure Spirit.


The testimonial you are about to read, the words you are about to see, are the words of a mother who was assisting her son who was in a coma, let’s listen to her experience.


Hello Sara, I wanted to tell you about one of the many signs that my child, Nicolò, sent me from the moment I lost him as a result of his meningitis.


One day I got up to go to the ER room and to be with him, at the time he was in a state of coma. I put my socks on that I had worn the day before and inside the right sock I found an elastic hair band. Nicolò used to take them from me and hide them everywhere. And so I understood that he put it there, to let me know that he was there!


A warm embrace


What happens during the state of coma a Soul’s experience was told by our Tilde




What happens during the state of coma a Soul’s experience


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