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Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us

Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us testimonials


Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us : hello Sara, first of all thank you for all that you do, I always read the messages of Light that you report and the testimonials that you receive; for a while I have been meaning to share my testimonial, in my own little way I also received many signs from my Guardian Angel; I still remember when I stumbled upon your website; soon before that I had asked my Angel how I could be closer to him, and, as if pushed by an impulse, I searched the word Angel on the internet; many things happened to me, from the vision of many hearts, to Angel numbers always appearing in my life, like 222, 333 and 444, and even a particular episode that I would like to tell you about.


It was almost two years ago, I was in the car with two cousins, we were going to see the presentation from one of our favorite singers of his new CD. That day was raining hard, the roads were treacherous, and on top of that my cousin’s car had been having some problems with the brakes for a while.


We approached a very dangerous bend, the car lost control and we found ourselves within a few seconds from very likely hitting a cement divider, which would have had tragic consequences. Instead, the situation was resolved very quickly: we found ourselves gently pushed back into the lane by someone, my cousin usually gets really frantic in similar situations, however this time she managed to very calmly regain control of the car, and after a few seconds we were back on the road, and we were staring at each other in shock, it was as if nothing had happened.


Yes, you understood correctly Sara Luce, we were heading for a full frontal impact with the cement block, and if we had not been “placed” back on the right track, we could have easily ended up on the other lane.


Even other drivers, who witnessed the scene, were incredulous, two young men approached our car when we were stopped at a traffic light a little further down, they looked at us with a speechless expression on their faces, as if to say “It is impossible for you not to have gotten hurt”. We reassured them that we were safe and they calmed down.


We all knew that someone had helped us, both us and our car were completely scratch free, and this would not have been possible without the help from up above during the moment of the impact.


We very much thank our Guardian Angels for saving us that day, and I always thank God for assigning such a beautiful creature to protect me, who is always next to me.


A warm embrace,


Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us testimonials was told by our Federica




Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us testimonials


Thank our Guardian Angels for saving us


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