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Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian

Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian Angel experiences


Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian Angel : hello Sara, as promised, I am writing about my wonderful experience with my Guardian Angel, before reading “how to contact your own Angel” on your website I had no idea it was even possible, then every night I would try to ask my Angel to “show up”, and one night, this is what happened.


I opened my eyes and I felt as if I was in someone’s arms, and yet I could not see anyone, I was entering my room (which I was sharing with my brother) I was going through the wall, but the wall was not there … I was laid gently upon the bed, I was very scared, I did not understand what was happening, I was in the fetal position, everything seemed still, space, it felt as if nobody was there, but I knew that my brother was there sleeping … and I thought …. “If this presence brought me home it means that it’s for my good” and so I tried to calm down, I stretched out a leg and felt that the presence moved, it was looking at me, it looked at me again for a few seconds and then suddenly I went back to feeling the sense of time again, of space, my brother … I did not believe what had happened to me … in fact it was not until the following day that I remembered what had happened before returning to my room … I was practically in the Sky … above the clouds, I saw my paternal grandfather smiling at me, but he was going a different direction … toward a big circle with many other people (it looked like they were welcoming someone), I was happy, I felt great, I was like a spectator, then at one point I said: “Now I have to go” and heard a voice (I don’t know whose it was) say “Why?” and I said … “Because my loved ones will be very sad if I don’t go back” and that’s when I think I saw my Angel with his wings (although I am not certain) and then I woke up back in my room ….


I told about this experience to a couple of friends, and after that I told my family; they were shocked, with goose bumps … then another night, a couple of years after that, I woke up and I felt a sensation of space and time standing completely still …. and I thought “Oh no, not again …” I looked at the end of the room (this time I was alone) and I believe I saw a white tunic and two wings with blonde hair …. but it was all blurred and so I turned the light on, and I returned to feel time and space again, and that figure (if it ever was there) was no longer there … I don’t know but I was very scared … and I can’t stop chiding myself for having reacted the way I did … how can one be afraid of his own Guardian Angel?!


Now I will speak to him, he no longer shows up … maybe because he knows I am afraid … I would love to meet him, talk to him, hug him, squeeze him close to me … it would be wonderful! and I would also like to know his name, so that I can speak to him directly?!


A big hug


Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian Angel was told by Francesco




Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel experiences with my Guardian


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