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A prayer to my Guardian Angel

A prayer to my Guardian Angel experiences we are not alone


A prayer to my Guardian Angel


Hello Sara, I already wrote to you a few times, to tell you how my Guardian Angel made himself present in my life through signs, and your website has helped me collect all the events, large and small, that happened in my life.


Today I would like to tell you about an episode that really filled my heart with joy and hope.


I am five months pregnant, and beyond the immense joy at having received such a great gift, lately I have started to feel some fears, fear of not being a good enough mother, fear of not being able to guarantee a stable financial future for my child, fear of the delivery and the health of my child, and so many other uncertainties that don’t give me peace.


It’s been a while since I spoke with my Angel, and my thoughts don’t go to him, however, last night I really could not sleep at all, I was so seized by anxiety, when suddenly I did think of him, I sent a prayer to him and then I asked him if he could bring my prayers to Jesus, and if I could have a sign, even a small one, of his vicinity, in the manner and time that he preferred.


Believe me, he did not make me wait!!!


This morning, while I was at work, I was going to the bathroom, I found a band ring on the sink (someone must have forgotten it), I took it in my hand and I saw that it had an inscription. I started to read it and the first sentence I happened to read was “The Lord is with you” … it was a ring with the prayer of the Holy Mary. You could not imagine my joy, I felt that those words were for me, and I refuse to believe it was a coincidence ….


Now I feel much calmer and much stronger, because, once again, the Lord wanted to tell me that I am not alone … we are not alone.


A hug


A prayer to my Guardian Angel experiences we are not alone was told by our Ramona


This is what Ramona sent me a few days later … “The day after I found the ring, I had an ultrasound and thank God my little girl (yes, it’s a girl) is doing well … today I will try to stay calm, and whenever I feel anxiety gripping me, I think again of that phrase”. A hug, Ramona




A prayer to my Guardian Angel experiences we are not alone


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