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Strange coincidences answers

Strange coincidences answers from the Guardian Angel testimonies


Strange coincidences answers


Dear Sara, once again I am writing because as I read your experiences I can admit for a while now my Guardian Angel ha been next to me, and now, at the age of 37, I can look at the situation and confirm with certainty that for the last two years my Guardian Angel has been at my side.


In moments when I could not make any decisions, I would ask questions, and I would receive answers ….


I remember I was engaged with a very kind young man, he was very sweet with me, he always indulged me and for a 20 year old girl this was the best. One day, I felt that I needed to let him go, and so I did. I was in the car, a little sad, I was driving, I had the window open, it was really hot outside and the road was clear … at one point, a young man on a motorbike wearing a helmet approached me, and told me “Don’t think about it too much, you will find much better” I was speechless, I looked up and the young man and his bike had already disappeared … and yet there was nobody anywhere …. the strange thing that I remember was that he had a strange accent, from a different region, maybe he was Neapolitan (I am from Sicily)


I still remember that at 22 years old I was engaged with a young man I loved very much, although I did later discover that he drank and smoked (not cigarettes). I was besotted with him, but inside me I felt that he was not the right one … we worked in the same place, and one day I asked with all of my heart, for a sign to let me understand if he was the right man for me or not … I remember that I was at home, the phone rang, and it was him, telling me with a broken voice that he had had a fight with a coworker and he broke his little pinky finger … I was shocked, not only for the senseless and violent act, but especially because I received the right sign from my Angel … I sensed a thought … “You see, he is not what you are looking for”.


I remember other experiences that happened to me over the years … they are frequent and vivid images that only today I am able to understand, and today I am able to fully appreciate them in a much more pleasant manner.


A hug with all of my heart.



Strange coincidences answers from the Guardian Angel testimonies was told by our Agata




Strange coincidences answers from the Guardian Angel testimonies


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