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Sweet messages from the Sky

Sweet messages from the Sky in times of suffering testimonies


Sweet messages from the Sky


Hello Sara Luce, my name is Alberto. A few days ago something happened to me that I thought was accidental, but after a few days I suddenly understood what had happened.


I had gotten out of bed and I was a little unsteady on my feet, usually that happens when I have low blood pressure, and I went into the other room, where my spiritual corner is: I have the picture of the Madonna with her child in her arm, and above that is a crucifix of Jesus made of wood. I was about a meter away from these holy figures hanging from the wall on my right, when suddenly I felt I was about to pass out, and for a moment I did lose consciousness, I was seeking for something to hang on to in order to stop my fall, but I could not find any, so I dropped dead weight on my side, and landed on a cardboard box that was on the floor. I ended up hitting the corner of the box bluntly with my lower ribs, it was so painful that for days I had difficulty even turning in my bed. Fortunately, I did not suffer any fractures.


I thought about what happened several times, I asked myself: “Why did I have to fall exactly there? And why on my side?”


I thought there was some relation with Christ, since he too suffered (much more atrociously) something similar, perhaps to show me that he too suffered much more than me, and that he understood my state, but this explanation somehow did not convince me.


After a few days I felt like a light bulb suddenly turned on, I understood the message, two words flashed in my mind: “side by side”. I understood that he was always close to me, much closer than I thought, exactly side by side.


Sweet messages from the Sky in times of suffering testimonies are words of Alberto




Sweet messages from the Sky in times of suffering testimonies


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