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In company of my Guardian Angel

In company of my Guardian Angel in Madrid experiences


In company of my Guardian Angel : Madrid, 15th August 2014, me, my family and ... Madrid, enormous city also rich with precious Italian art, which enriches the land of Spain with talented people, painters, sculptors, writers, but also of great sporting victories, of 10 splendid football cups that have been won over the years , 1.200.000, 00 square meters of the Bernabeu football stadium, a monument to the victorious team Real Madrid and to the people who made all this possible.


A land that boasted kings and queens, past and present ones …


Splendid paintings of Tiziano, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Raffaello …. paintings that are so detailed and clear that they seem like photographs …


Canvasses that features episodes of Christian life, angels, animals, historic famous people, kings and queens, and simple human beings.


Personally I can see among the colors the art of He who painted it with masterfulness, genius, and will power.


And for me the artist goes beyond the painting because, as the person creates it, it donates billions of people extraordinary emotions for centuries to come.


I could say that I took away with me the emotions that were born there as I looked at these extraordinary paintings, but I took home not only that.


I don’t remember all of the paintings I saw ... the Prado Museum was teeming with artifacts … however I remember very vividly the emotions I felt … by looking at the paintings but also simply observing other people who we crossed paths with during the five days of our trip.


I remember the youthful look of an elderly person who helped me, without even being asked to, when he guessed my difficulty in locating the underground train station … I was on a square called Angel Square … and I was looking at the direction opposite where I was supposed to be searching …


I remember a little 20 cent coin that my little daughter took out from her wallet, and, instinctively, she turned around and gave to a man seated on the pavement …. the same man that, an hour later, found us again in another square and made a point of thanking my daughter by saying  “guapa pequena gracias ..” … thank you pretty little girl ….


I remember a little open market that sold good food in a square dedicated to the Archangel Michael …


I remember … an afternoon, after having taken a few trains to get there, all 4 of us went to the Disney Store in Madrid … because Marianna really wanted a little toy of Lilly the wandering dog, that could only be found at the Disney store … she really hoped to find it …. she had been wishing for it for a long time …


We arrived in the enormous shop, which smelled of fables and cartoons .. a mountain of fluffy toys, she looked everywhere but could not find Lilly … I was so sad for her, without even thinking about it, I stuck my hand inside the mountain of toys, and by some miracle I managed to find the only one remaining Lilly dog toy …. I could not even describe the joy …. a moment later a girl walked in front of me, she was wearing a pink t-shirt with two wings printed on it and the words “you are my Angel”.


I had indeed asked my angel to help me make my little girl smile ….


And so it was …


And now Lilly is here with us …


And again … I remember a very spiritual man with a very long beard that sold little coins in a corner of the Plaza Major, the largest square in Madrid ….


I remember everything he told me in Spanish, even though I don’t know much, and of what little I do know, I remember even less the Spanish language ….


Strangely, I would understand everything he was telling me, because I was listening with my soul to the good words that were coming out of his mouth, I remember especially clearly that he told me in Spanish that life here on earth is just one large dream, we are truly awake when we dream with our soul ….


Our splendid Earth is nothing but a microcosm … in other words, a copy of an even bigger macrocosm that is in the Sky.


He also told me to smile, that strength is in the willpower, with our minds we can do everything …. that death does not exist, and that life is different ….


I took a picture of me with him, I keep it safe because every time I look at it I experience the same emotions that I felt whenever I looked at the Ecce Homo canvas by Tiziano …. because I feel that he looks similar …


Finally as he said goodbye to me, he gave Letizia a precious little coin … that perhaps he was supposed to sell in this warm Mid August day, but he preferred to exchange it for a genuine smile from a pure little child … and why not … also because of my prayer .. in Spanish … my prayer in Italian that unites profoundly people where their thoughts meet.


Last but not least …. at the Barajas airport in Madrid, at the gate, while waiting for our flight back to Italy, I heard a voice calling my name ... .Enrica … Enrica …. I turned around and I saw a coworker who is also a dear friend … unimaginable to bump into each other in an airport in Madrid, it would be like meeting in Saint Peter Square in Rome, and this is what happened three months ago … he had just arrived to Madrid, while I was leaving Madrid … we barely crossed each other, in a place where only a celestial coincidence could possibly manage to make us meet … we said goodbye, I left him with a tight hug, which took me to a place where only emotions count … perhaps I made the reader feel some emotions too with my simple words I just wrote …. who knows, perhaps emotions come only if we are the ones experiencing it … and so I am happy to donate one or two of these emotions to someone who really needs it.


My words recap what my eyes saw, all the moments immortalized in a click of a camera … but especially they send those who need it the real meaning of life, which is what I also wish for all of you on this Mid August holiday day that is leaving us so fast …


In company of my Guardian Angel in Madrid experiences was told by Enrica




In company of my Guardian Angel in Madrid experiences


In company of my Guardian Angel


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