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I lost my faith the help of God in finding it

I lost my faith the help of God in finding it again testimonies


I lost my faith the help of God in finding it : dear Sara I told you about the many moments in my life, in my teenage years I came to find out that my maternal grandmother, a wonderful woman, was victim of her husband who cheated on her and hit her, then she fell ill but I was always with her.


When she died, I felt like the world collapsed around me, until that day I had been praying so much, with much love, faith, and yet when she left I felt betrayed by GOD because of it, for this reason I could no longer pray, and if I did it was forced.


My grandmother had passed away a little earlier, about a month before … my mother and I were in my mother’s bedroom, it was approaching sunset, the light was on, our cat was sleeping on the end of the bed, and we were talking about my grandmother, and at one point the cat started to meow and to look in different directions, the light turned itself off and on again, the cat jumped on to a bedside table, then on the dresser, it moved close to the picture of my grandmother and it started to meow!


I started to dream of my grandmother and all things that she would tell me in my dreams ended up happening in real life, I will tell you about one dream that really happened in my life, one of the many ….


At the time of my dream I was pregnant with my daughter Sara.


In my dream, I was at my grandmother’s house, she was sitting on a rocking chair, wearing a yellow nightgown, she had a big belly, at one point the door of the house opened up and two young men armed with a gun entered the house, they wanted money, but since they could not find anything, one of the two men pointed the gun on my grandmother, I screamed at him not to shoot, but he did shoot her in the belly and there was a lot of blood everywhere.


I woke up in the morning, very disturbed by the dream, I felt like crying; in the afternoon I was scheduled for a scan to check on the progress of my pregnancy, my husband and I went to the doctor, he told me that everything was fine etc etc … in the evening we stopped at my sister in law’s … everything went well, as we got home I went to the bathroom and I had very serious bleeding! I stayed months in bed, motionless, I prayed a lot and I started to feel better, then Sara was born!


I also dreamt of my grandmother the night before my grandpa passed away, she told me she was coming to pick up grandpa; I dreamed of her the night before my father passed away too, I dream of her every time a deeply saddening event invades me!


For this reason I say thank you to you, because thanks to your website, slowly slowly I have found faith again, and love, hope, now I have grown up and I now understand many things, moreover I found again the most important thing, my faith, the real one, pure faith, I found GOD again, my little angel friend with whom I had broken all ties with for a while, now I am happy with myself and with others, I don’t create problems for myself anymore, all I know is that I have to love, love, love!


I understood, Sara, that in life every thing that happened to me, good or bad, taught me something, even if I did not understand it right away!


Bye, thank you for listening to me, I love you


I lost my faith the help of God in finding it again testimonies was the story of Gigliola



Follow up from Sara Luce: Dear Gigliola, all of us come to understand only later on the teachings that many events carry with them, during that moment in which we live them we feel emotions, worries, tension, etc … but later, as we look at ourselves again, we see how much those events have made us grow.


Moreover, my dear, now you know how big is the Love of God, despite the fact that you felt betrayed because your grandmother passed away, God allowed her to come to you in a dream, warning you (and therefore preparing you) to sad events that you were going to have to face soon.


The fact that you later were able to find the connection between the dreams you had of your mother with the events in your life that took place, signified a great confirmation of the life that continues in the life of the Sky.


The Father sustained your Faith with these proofs.


A big kiss to you, my treasure, from Sara Luce




I lost my faith the help of God in finding it again testimonies


I lost my faith


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