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Reuniting those who Love each other

Reuniting those who Love each other a mission for the Angels


Reuniting those who Love each other : hello Sara, first of all I would like to thank you because, ever since I have been reading your website and the testimonials, I understand how important it is to pay attention to every gesture and to little things that happen to us in our daily lives, often we tend to take everything for granted; I would like to tell you that I had a manifestation of the fact that my Angel is close to me.


For the last year and a half, an aunt of mine whom I love very much (she is also my Godmother, my mother grew up with her, they are like two sisters) has been distancing herself from us.


Several times I resisted the temptation to call her, and tell her to come over and visit us, because due to some misunderstanding in the past she was harboring a slight annoyance toward my mother. In any case, I could see that my mother missed her, and then I talked to my aunt (insisting she would come and visit us) she would complain about my mother, but I never relayed any of my phone calls with my aunt to my mother, because I was thinking “Well, aunt is a little on the old side, sometimes she does not know what she is saying …”


A few weeks before that, I had called her and told her that in a few days I was going to go pick her up and invite her for lunch at my mother’s. Last Tuesday, I took time off work and I went to my mother’s house, and told her that my aunt was on her way to visit her …. I said “Mom, I’m going to pick her up” … then I went to my aunt’s house, I was so happy to finally see her reuniting with us again after almost two years of distance.


I was about to open the car door and I saw a little white feather, I picked it up with so much tenderness, and I placed it inside the car. When my aunt and I reached my mother’s house, my mother was casually just stepping out of the front door, and she froze when she saw my aunt …. so much emotion, so many tears of joy between them, a big hug, a manifestation that, despite everything, they were happy to be reunited …. I was so emotional I cradled my little white feather in my hands, and at the same time I thanked my Angel to be there with us in that beautiful moment.


For just a moment I told myself "We did it, my dear Angel!"


We had lunch all together, it was fantastic to see them talking to each other and catching up on what had happened in the last two years of their lives. I opted to leave them alone … and later, with immense joy, I went to the cemetery to visit my father, because I wanted to share this moment also with him …. even though I know that he was there with them in that moment.


A hug,


Reuniting those who Love each other a mission for the Angels was told by Agata




Reuniting those who Love each other a mission for the Angels


Reuniting those who Love each other


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