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Angelic scents perfume of Angels : of course Sara, I will share my experience; it was the year 2000, I worked at the retail store Standa, a work arrangement that allowed me and many others to be able to work and support ourselves; sadly, for a number of reasons, this retail chain closed down; the writing had been on the walls, something was not going the right way, and yet we all had hopes that things would fix themselves; instead, we all had to come to terms with the fact that we were all unemployed!


Naturally, we were very worried, and then came the famous 29th June 2000.


That morning, even before the alarm went off, I was awoken by a strong and intense smell of flowers, I could not tell you if it was a scent of roses or some other flower, but of one thing I am certain, it’s a smell that I still carry inside my heart and I often experience it again with the eyes of the mind and soul!


That morning, I got out of bed and since I remembered I had an aromatic candle (vanilla) in my room, I went to it, to make sure I was not imagining things! No, it was definitely not the candle, yes it was perfumed, but I had to put it very close to my nostrils to smell it.


That exhilarating scent woke me up, perhaps wanting to communicate to me that I was not alone in facing the hard shock of my unemployment!


This is what happened to me that day, I also had other experiences of scents and, believe me, sometimes I thought it was all my imagination!


I did return to work for that employer, with a different job, and often I found myself chasing after clients, to be sure that I was not confusing those heavenly scents with maybe some after shave that a customer was wearing! No, it was no aftershave, they were heavenly scents!


I have not smelled them for a long time, and I will be honest with you: I miss them!


A hug


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Angelic scents perfume of Angels


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