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The names of Guardian Angels

The names of Guardian Angels Marina


The names of Guardian Angels : if for us human beings it is so important to know the name of our own Guardian Angel, to the Angels this is just a minor detail; first of all Angels feel equal to all other Angels, and then each one of them has his own individual traits, including their names; the name, according to the Angels, only differentiates, when they only feel as One; in any case, they oblige us with our wishes, they understand that as we live on earth, we are used to differentiating one another as opposed to feeling all as One with the entire human genre; for this reason, also by means of and dreams, they can communicate Their names to us; often an Angel will choose a name he likes, or a name that represents him symbolically, in any case a name that is “familiar” to us, close to our culture, to our current language and they do all this for only one reason: to allow us to feel closer to them: however, Guardian Angels do not speak to us only through dreams and coincidences, but also through the heart, that emotion of joy, that surge of joy that we feel in the heart is the emotion that we feel inside whenever our Angel “signs” his Name inside us; the confirmation is always inside the heart; however, now I will leave you to Elena’s testimonial, a hug to everyone from Sara Luce.


Hello Sara, my name is Elena and it’s a real pleasure for me to have found your beautiful site, which not only opened my eyes, but also my heart!


I would like to tell you about my little experiences that I have had this last week!


Just like many other people, I too have tried to ask the name of my Angel. I made myself very relaxed, just before going to sleep, and I emptied my mind! I tried to voice my request from the bottom of my heart, and then I fell asleep.


While I was dreaming, I dreamt that I was listening to the radio in my car while I was driving, and suddenly from the radio I heard a loud and strong voice saying “I am Marina”.


I was quite shocked, not only at having received a reply so quickly, but also at the name, which I considered to be very “strange” for an Angel!


And so I asked for some additional signs!


Within a week my boyfriend suggested we go and visit the museum of “Marina Militare”; then I came across the name Marina twice, both times in sites of Angels; in the library I was flicking through quickly a book from Doreen Virtue, and my gaze fell on the words “Marine creatures”, again flicking quickly through another book on Angels, my eyes immediately looked at the words “marine water”; later on at work I heard a client called “Marina”, on the way home there was a big billboard with the word “Marin” written on it, and finally a shop was called “Marines”.


I am particularly shocked by how unexpectedly all these names came up!! I am very happy, but also a little confused, because I find it strange for my Angel to be called like that.


Well, this is my most recent experience, even if I am not sure yet of his name, inside my heart I do feel full of joy. I hope that over time I will be hearing more often from my Angel!!!


A warm welcome and a big thank you for all that you do!


The names of Guardian Angels Marina is Elena’s testimonial




The names of Guardian Angels Marina


The names of Guardian Angels


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