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Stories of children saved by Angels

Stories of children saved by Angels


Dear Sara, on the topic of Guardian Angels saving children, it happened to me too, this is my story.


It happened like this: we were seated in the sofa, playing, when suddenly the child stood up on the sofa but lost his balance … he was freefalling on the floor … I saw that moment in slow motion … I too hit my hip on the floor and my head on the table, I don’t know how I found myself in that position … but in that position I was able to hold the child’s head with my feet.


The toddler was unharmed while I was crying copiously; he hugged me very tight, slapping my shoulder with his little hand, to console me (he was 10 months old)


My dear little Angel positioned me into a pose I have no idea how I managed to get into, all I know is that I saw the child fall.


A big hug


Stories of children saved by Angels is the testimonial from Annarella




Stories of children saved by Angels


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