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The fragrance of our loved ones from the Sky

The fragrance of our loved ones from the Sky meaning


The fragrance of our loved ones from the Sky : a few days ago I received these words from a girl named Silvia, "hello, I am writing to you because, for a while now, during different times of the day, I can smell a strong scent of a burning fireplace. I asked my family members if they could also smell it, but nothing, just me; I live in an old apartment in the historic area of my city, in our home we do have an antique fireplace that we have never ever lit up; speaking about this with a friend of mine, she told me that it could be a presence to cause this phenomenon; this morning, while I was meditating a little, the scent became very strong, and it was followed by shivers in my entire body, what was happening to me?? how can I interpret this event? I would be very grateful if you could help me, a big hug of light from Silvia.”


As you can sense from Silvia’s words, she is feeling a sense of curiosity, an interest, a need for further knowledge, but also a little bit of apprehension.


These emotions are natural when presented with such a manifestation, we do not see anything with our physical eyes, but our sense of smell is precise and powerful, it’s only human to be alarmed, also because our human mind has been trained over time to feel fear about the good or evil nature of “presences”. However, remember that only love can come from the Sky, and so in front of every manifestation, always ask yourselves “I don’t understand it, but it’s certainly a manifestation of Love”.


Also thanks to other testimonials, we have seen how Angels often use fragrances of flowers, or talcum powder, or sweet perfumes to manifest their presence next to us, while scents that are by definition more human, such as aftershave, essences, specific smells like the one that Silvia was experiencing, a burning fireplace, are actually manifestations of our loved ones who are in the Sky today, who desire to alert us of their presence and their Love while they are next to us.


Even the shivers, or tremors that we could feel in our bodies, those light touches, the slight pressures, a kind of sweet breath of fresh air, they too are manifestations, they are embraces, caresses, kisses (our bodies are reacting to the touch of their energy).


So, those who love us, not only are embracing us and kissing us, but, with their perfume, they are “authoring” their manifestation.


So I went back to Silvia to answer her question, she was invited to think, maybe go back in time and look at old photographs, or ask relatives, who could be linked to the smell of a burning fireplace, that’s when Silvia stopped to reflect for a moment and then …. well, you can read her words for yourself:


Dear Sara, you are right …. I believe it’s the presence of my adored grandmother, with whom I had a very deep relationship … I thought of her and I immediately remember the smell of the wood stove (not a fireplace!), we always had it burning during the cold winters in the mountain.


How nice it is to know that she is close to me … it fills my heart with joy


A hug, Silvia


Now think of how nice it will be for Silvia to be able to say “Hello Grandma!!!” every time she will smell her perfume.


Apprehension has made room for the truth and joy!


The fragrance of our loved ones from the Sky meaning was told by Silvia




The fragrance of our loved ones from the Sky meaning


The fragrance of our loved ones


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