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Fortunate coincidences a series of events

Fortunate coincidences a series of events intervened


Fortunate coincidences a series of events : hello everyone, hello Sara Luce, once again I am describing the fortunate coincidences that happened to me and to my husband.


My husband and I live in a beautiful apartment, well furnished, comfortable.


A few years ago we had decided to move, sell our current home and buy a new single family home. We looked everywhere, and the more we looked the more I understood that selling our apartment was going to be a mistake. I was convinced that it was not the ideal solution, then I thought: perhaps we could buy a second apartment, in a nice area with a view to the sea, while keeping the original apartment.


Once day I found myself talking with a coworker, she told me that they had bought an apartment and rented two apartments, they made this choice, because the idea of the single family home did not convince her. I immediately felt goose bumps, something made think: of course, that would not be a bad idea!!! (coincidence)


Premise: After having given up on the idea of the house, I started looking at apartments on the website of the real estate office that was helping us. I had noticed a beautiful apartment, by the sea, a very prestigious area, but the price tag was too high for us. I remember thinking: “What a shame, if it was more affordable I would go and take a look at it ….”


Every now and then I would peruse the website and, one time, I noticed that the price of that apartment had gone down a little bit. On Friday in March 2014 I told my husband: if the price goes down further, I would like to go and see it. In the afternoon I had the idea of calling the real estate agent, asking to view a few apartments. Then I happened to mention the one that I liked, at which point she said: You know madam, a couple of hours ago we lowered the price again … (now it was actually affordable for us). (Coincidence number 2). I could not even believe it!!!! We set up an appointment for the Saturday morning.


As soon as I walked into the new apartment, I felt as if it was mine, it had the same finishes as our current apartment, the same colors …. on Monday we placed an offer, with an even lower price. My husband said: Agata, they will NEVER accept it, they just lowered the price on Friday, and on Monday you expect them to agree with our even lower proposal?


On Tuesday morning the agency called us back, telling us that the owners accepted the offer (coincidence number 3), we could not believe it!!!! From that moment on, an entire series of coincidences helped the closing of the escrow process (expedited it), discussions among colleagues who, speaking of houses, were suggesting us to become investors on the property. On 26th of May we closed the deal, received the compliments from the director of our bank on the unusually low price for our beautiful apartment!!!!! And for our ability to “keep going”.


We decided to rent it … everyone told us that it would be very difficult to find a tenant, given the difficult economic times, and that we would not be able to get much for it … I kept having the sensation that everything was going to be all right …. as if someone was reassuring me. On the 15th of July, a little over a month from our purchase date, we had already rented the apartment!!!


What can I say, my husband and I, a month after having rented it out, still can not believe how, in just under three months, we managed to find, purchase, fix and rent an apartment, I am more and more convinced that I have made the best choice!!!


It’s as if a series of events intervened and helped us with the choice of this apartment!!


A hug,


Fortunate coincidences a series of events intervened is Agata’s testimonial




Fortunate coincidences a series of events intervened


Fortunate coincidences


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