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Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky

Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky experiences


Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky : hllo Sara and everyone, this Christmas just passed was my second one without my father, between ups and downs, I decided, together with my husband, to spend Christmas with my mother and to stay with her on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December; I have to admit I alternated moments of tranquility with moments of great sadness when I would say, what a shame, it would have been nice to have my father here with us.


On the morning of the 24th, I decided to give a book to my children as a gift for them to find under the tree.


Together with my mother, I went to the book shop, suddenly I thought: it would be nice to buy a book on Angels, but then I thought about it and opted to only buy the book for my children, and hold off on buying the book I wanted for myself (I will say that, a few days before the holidays, I had asked to a few coworkers I was friendly with, if they had something about Angels that I could read, but I only had negative answers).


On Christmas Night I was at my mother’s house, on the 25th … suddenly I decided to go into my old room (that room had also been used by my sisters until they married), I opened an old drawer, and strangely it was empty, I opened the drawer that belonged to my sister, hers was strangely empty too, I opened the drawer of my second sister, and what did I find???? A book about Angels, written by Giulietta Bandiera … and a Gospel … I will return to my father ….


I was astonished!!!! I took the two books, I read very quickly the one on Angels!!! I thought that it was a real gift to me, one that I had been awaiting eagerly. As for the Gospel, I did not understand well, if it was meant to be a message for my sister, who is going through a difficult period, in my opinion!!! And you, dear and sweet Sara, what do you think? Was the gospel for me? How can I understand? ... this is not the end of it!!!


The night of the 25th December, I was in the playroom with my two children, with the TV turned on, they were ready to go to bed, and suddenly, I turned to my left, and I saw something like a firefly, a little yellow dot, going up and down … I turned to see if one of my children was holding something that was creating light, but no, the room was closed, it was dark outside … I turned around again, the light disappeared behind me.


Sara, I hope you can help me understand what happened to me.


I thank you in advance,


Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky experiences is a testimonial from Agata




Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky experiences


Book on Angels and a Gospel from the Sky


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