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Talking with Guardian Angels

Talking with Guardian Angels emotions from the heart


Talking with Guardian Angels : dear Sara, I want to tell you about an episode that happened to my son Simone, about 21 years ago; he has always been a calm child, he didn’t break his toys, he would spend hours playing with his Lego, he was very careful when walking, to the point that he has never actually hurt himself.


When he was only seven months old he was already walking inside his baby chair, at nine months old he got up and started walking alone, I repeat, without hurting himself even once.


The same is also nowadays, and he is 22 years old. He never got himself in trouble, despite his friends experimenting with substances, alcohol, and other extreme activities.


To the point, one Saturday afternoon, like every Saturday, I was cleaning the house, because I worked during the week, I was serene, Simone was playing quietly in his bedroom.


I was alone with him, my husband had gone to play football. He was only nine months old.


So, I was in the living room, and Simone in the room next-door. I remember I was standing on the side of the living room furthest away from the bedroom, and I could not see my son from there. There was silence, which was normal since, as I mentioned, my son was generally quiet.


Suddenly, I felt as if my blood was freezing in my veins, I had a strong sensation of intense fear, a voice inside me in my heart was calling Simone’s name.


I ran to his bedroom. He was not there. I ran to the bathroom, and I screamed, with shivers down my spine.


Simone stopped, he turned around, surprised and scared: he had filled the sink with water, plugged the hairdryer in the electric outlet, and was about to immerse it in the sink, I caught him as he was turning the hair dryer on.


I can not begin to imagine what would have happened if he had indeed gone ahead with it, and if I had not been warned. Simone with a functioning hairdryer inside a sink full of water.


I launched myself on top of my son. I unplugged the hairdryer and took it away from him, and drained the sink.


My legs were shaking, I was about to cry. Simone was watching me, but with calm I was able to explain to him what would have happened if he had immersed the hairdryer in the water.


I remember he pulled a funny face, and he never did it again.


I embraced him really tight, he was hugging my neck and stroking my hair.


Well, dear Sara, if this was not an intervention from my Angel, I can’t think of any other explanation. I do believe that my son’s Angel made me feel a sensation of terror, and called me just in the nick of time, to avoid the worst, today I still thank the Sky because my child is still here.


I thank the Angel who has always protected and guarded my child.


I strongly believe in Angels, especially children’s Guardian Angels.


Thank you,


Talking with Guardian Angels emotions from the heart is a testimonial from Consuelo Serena




Talking with Guardian Angels emotions from the heart


Talking with Guardian Angels


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