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Do children have a sixth sense

Do children have a sixth sense or are they extrasensory communications


Do children have a sixth sense : many times we are surprised when faced with special manifestations from children, they know things that no adult knows, they see things that adults do not perceive, we think of a sixth sense, it seems the only possible explanation to us, we are left speechless and incredulous, and yet, what they say will happen, punctually ends up happening, of if they say something has happened, it has actually happened.


The explanation is simple and not to be discounted easily ... sixth sense .... extrasensory communication … many of us on earth confuse the creation of a body, from the embryo to birth, as a creation of a Being that will face life and will lead his experience on earth, just like all of us … but if the body is certainly the fruit of the union between the two parents, as the egg and the sperm join, it’s also true that this is just the body, the shell, the human shell.


The Soul is not created at conception, the Being who will ultimately inhabit that shell is not the product of the pregnancy. The body is like a dress, a dress that will be worn by a Soul to have his experience on earth, the Soul is actually the fruit of the creation of Our Father who is in the Skies, a Soul that, when it has gained a lot of experience of Love, when it is already evolved, has the possibility of evolving into its Being Love, even in a place seemingly far away from the Sky, meaning on earth.


Let’s leave the Sky and all the Love that reigns there, to be able to experiment, to improve, to further evolve, to perfect ourselves, or to learn from our earthly experience about what we still have to work on, in order to be even more the expression of Being Love.


If we look at things from this perspective, then we will no longer be surprised by such manifestations, communication, perceptions form children. They are Souls, enclosed in the bodies of small children, but first of all they are Souls, and, as Souls it’s natural to make contact with Spirit, even with a Spirit that is not incarnated; children, have difficulties in distinguishing the earthly reality that all of us adults perceive and see through our physical senses.


I mentioned this premise not only to remind one of the knowledge that many of us on earth end up forgetting, but also to appreciate even more the wonderful testimonial you are about to read. A hug to all of you from Sara Luce, and now I will leave you to Annalisa’s words.


Hello dear Sara Luce, 3 years ago my grandmother, following an accident that compromised both her physical and mental health, was bed ridden and was suffering greatly from this situation that caused her a lot of pain and bitterness.


One day my cousin, who at that time was about two years old, told her father “Grandmother has flown up to the Sky”. After a few minutes the news of grandmother’s passing arrived.


How is it possible that a little girl of her age knew this?


Moreover, I believe that my little cousin possesses something special because she sees presences that we, as adults, can not see. For example, a few days ago, she told her mother “What is that woman seated there doing?” and on another occasion “There are children who are singing very loudly, tell them to stop!”


I find all of this to be very special, and I believe children have a more greatly developed sixth sense than adults, perhaps because they are still pure and innocent!


A greeting,


Do children have a sixth sense or are they extrasensory communications is a testimonial from Annalisa




Do children have a sixth sense or are they extrasensory communications


Do children have a sixth sense


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