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Life after life presences after death

Life after life presences after death


I lost my father 17 years ago, I loved him, I was very close to him, he was good natured and he adored me, he did not even want to see the slightest thing bother me.


When he left us, he was 72 years old, my daughter was only three years old, I suffered a lot, and I would have loved for my daughter to know him, but unfortunately that turned out to be not possible.


Every now and then I smell his scent, a breath on my face, a caress, a kiss, one night I felt as if someone was resting on the pillow next to me, getting close to me and giving me a kiss.


I believe it was my father, who is always next to me when I am feeling sad, and leaves signs like heart shaped pieces of all sorts of materials, on the snow, in the bread, in the vegetables, in the pasta sauce, in the fruit … etc etc … I even published a video about it.


It’s truly extraordinary, and you feel much happier!!! Thank you for being there dad!


Life after life presences after death is a testimonial from Bernadetta




Life after life presences after death


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