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The influence of the Sky on humor

The influence of the Sky on humor calm when in panic


The influence of the Sky on humor


Last summer I was rushed to hospital for a serious case of biliar pancreatitis


After five days in the hospital with doctors monitoring my situation and keeping my results for my pancreas under control, they decided to surgically remove my gallbladder.


Despite the flurry of blood tests, CAT scans with contrast, and two separate hour-long gastroscopic explorations, I was able to remain completely calm, despite my normally anxious predisposition, to the point where the doctors themselves were surprised.


The day of the surgery, while they were carrying me to the operating room in the stretcher, I said a prayer to my beloved Chiara Luce, Papa Luciani and to my brother Francesco, who is now an Angel of God, and who I believe is my own Guardian Angel, and finally also to Father Pio, to whom my brother owes his name.


Well, once in the operating room, the nurse who administers the pre anesthesia smiled at me and told me, literally: “Hello Benedetta, my name is Francesco, don’t worry, I will be your Guardian Angel”.


On his neck he was wearing a little necklace with a little medal of the Little Madonna and Baby Jesus.


Needless to say the surgery went very well, I was discharged after three days, and I recovered beautifully.


A big thank you to the Sky, who listened to me, and to my Guardian Angel Francesco.


A hug to all of You.


The influence of the Sky on humor calm when in panic is the testimonial from Benedetta




The influence of the Sky on humor calm when in panic


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